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Steven Spiers is a Non Government Organisation (NGO), Steven Spiers and all associations are defined as Non Government Entities (NGE).

Steven Spiers, and associated entities often provide, perform Charitable Works within the Commonwealth of Australia, including but not limited to Constitutional Law and the defence of Australians suffering at the hands of red tape and government overreach. Within the frameworks of International Law, recognised within the Supreme Court of New South Wales before Justice Longergan in 2021, Steven Spiers is defined as having a Curial Right in the matter, with full standing at International Law.

Steven Spiers, and associated entities provide charitable works outside of any Government Contracts, Funding, Grants, or Financial Provisions by any Governing Body.

Steven Spiers, and associated entities aim to help inform the people of the pending forced Industrial Revolution being pushed upon them by those Money Lenders within their States and Commonwealth Institutions.

Charitable Works

Current objectives have seen Steven Spiers and associated entities merge their concerns towards the ongoing International Criminal Threat being perpetrated by members of the Australian Government, and/or its States. With clear evidence, defined on Supreme Court Record, our current concerns are the accountability of those involved in these International Criminal Offences.

Given the unusual fraud, and financial slavery that occurs within the Charitable Frameworks around the world, we ask that you donate to local and immediate support networks rather than corporate based interests, and influencer charitable foundations. We see that it is important to help Australians in dire need today, rather than support corporate foundational networks who fail to push money forward, or hoard it for future events.

Supporting our Works

You are able to help us to continue to support the people of this Commonwealth of Australia. We do this through many different paths, although are usually focused around court and legal actions against specifically named parties. To be able to carry out these kinds of actions, it is obvious to state that your support helps us to do this. And to be able to continue to do so in a fashion that is productive and provides remedies for all Australians, you support is required.

You are able to contribute in a number of ways including purchasing Merchandise through some of our vendors, or donate directly through our Support page.

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