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Finding faith in this world was more than anyone envisaged among the new age represenations of the blessings bestowed upon us by Almighty God. Being grounded with guidance and foundation so that one could build upon a rock is obviously lacking in this wokeness where in the people were put into a deep sleep as the spirit was removed from the temple and placed on the forecourt to burn before the Sun.

Comprehensions of God, and the Hermetic Principles that bestow the mind along the way are unable to be taught or shown to those unwilling to show patience to discover. Often spending too much time researching the answers, never put into practice what they have discovered are unable to find what they long for as their minds wander the deserts of their own words put down on papers.

The spiritual is bound in death, and the life of those that inherit the blessing of their forefathers is at the hand of God, and the mind of the beholden. To be captivated into a delusion, offered by the Money Lender in the temple, constantly striving for success under the glass ceiling of the captor. Captives to a cycle of indoctrination, generation to generation dumbed out of the reality of Estate, in the hopes they will sign up as Ward of the State, and become the financial fodder of the Gods.

As the sun dawns, a new day, the darkness of the night filters down to the Shepherds hands. Anchored with the weight of a heavy stone, the weight of a people, thrown into the darkness of the deep, only to wander across the surface of those waters, as the serpent wraps its body across the dust of the earth, we a people, a lineage, a son, rise to our fathers and the day we forge, in their image. The image of a Rising Sun.

Yours Faithfully

Steven R.


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Steven Spiers

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