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District Court Justice: I see I have two lawyers in front of me!

Steven: If I was a lawyer your Honour, I'd turn out like this guy over here...

Crown of QLD: We all have our bad days your Honour!

District Court of Queensland 2021

The Lawyer

Knowledge of the Law, and the ability to stand in Judicial Frameworks was not studied for in the usual sense. Being left to defend ones self when funds run out, and representation decides it cannot carry on without your funds, one is forced to take on the burdens of judicial prudence alone. It is in this that through years of questioning, and challenging those who seek to undermine the values and fabric of society that a knowing becomes recognised by those who witness your actions.

It was in the stark unfairness in treatment by the very Governing factions of the Northern Territory of Australia, that Steven was forced at hand to stand up and defend.

In this, a knowledge of Law both Nationally and International saw questions of large importance raised with numerous entities of the Australian Government over the years. It is in the silence of answers, that it is recognised that what is just and what is right is being trampled under the feet of those who remain in that silence. This has become evident to many an everyday civilian over the last three to four years, with the extent of overeaching power now flexing into the very land titles of the individual free hold title holders who were continually warned over the past ten years.

Having been attacked, slandered, defamed, and suffering unusual torrents of abuse, both offline and online, Steven has persevered through a barrage of nastiness to hold ground at International Law before the District Court of Queensland and the Supreme Court of New South Wales, both being within the Federal Territory of the Commonwealth of Australia. Steven has provided a solid and credible foundation in International Law defining a Curial Right before the justices of the Commonwealth of Australia. Following the definintion of this Curial Right upon the Public Court Record of the Supreme Court of NSW, the National Media, along with reporters from the ABC began to attack the ideals of Curial Power with their Sovereign Citizen ideology and false flag operations.

Unwaivering, Steven has stood his ground, and defined International Criminal Offences and International War Crimes committed by members of the Australian Government while employed and operating on the Continent of Australia within Administration under Rules of Usufruct under Hague Conventions over the constitutional Commonwealth of Australia at Executive Branch usurpation of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia and its Federal Executive Council.

A mouthful to the ignorant, a twisted logic of law to the uninitiated, the fact of the matter is that Steven by court record, did define Criminal Offences committed by Employees of this Australian Government and the presence of a delusion being pushed upon the ignorant population by the said same Government.

It is in the process of doing these things that Justices of Queensland, and Justice of New South Wales have recognised the truth in the matter defined by Steven over the years, in that a Foreign Curial Power has usurped the power of the people, and gone outside of Rules of Usufruct as defined by the Hague Conventions. It is in these court findings, now defined on public court record in Kiskonen v State of New South Wales 2021, that Justice Lonergan of the Supreme Court of New South Wales has had to accept the Curial Right presented in the absence of such right all while in full knowledge of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW)

With a knowledge of International Criminal Offences, along with a host of National and State Offences committed by members and/or agents of the State of New South Wales and this Australian Government, along with the recognition of Justices of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, as to our standing in the matter, we continue to work forward towards seeing members of this Australian Government accountable for the International Criminal Offences they have in deed committed.

Having suffered Torture and Forced Medical Procedure at the hands of members and/or agents of the State of New South Wales according to International Law, it can be said that those responsible should be put before Justices of Law for their crimes and their actions against the people of this Commonwealth of Australia at which they are in deed obligated under the International Humanitarian Law.

By defining a Curial Right and Standing in the matter in International Law, Steven has stood and spoken for all Australians who are currently being financially oppressed by what could be considered the Biblical Money Lender in the temple. It is in this we witness the Australian Government react, as we begin to speak for and on behalf of a people lost and ignorant to the rights of God, and the Curial Standing that is defined at International Law for and on their behalf.

To be recognised at Law for knowing the Law, is obviously a unique circumstance that has not only defined a legal right of presentation, as well as a right of representation, action within the District Court of Queensland, and the Supreme Court of New South Wales goes further in defining a Curial and Regal Right in the matter standing as Prince to a people lost at Holy See, a people consumed by their wokeness as they are being forced to awaken.

It is in this knowledge, that we stand, we defend, and we speak up for those who are unable to speak. It is in this standing, that we know, discover and present. It is in this we rise and defend.

Yours Faithfully,

Steven R.


Rule 92

War Criminal Register

Steven Spiers

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