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Being Cancelled.

Having been a developer of web sites and onlines services for almost fifteen years, being party to social media services and online applications has been a normal part of every day life. That is until, speaking up against certain actions by this Australian Government on those social media services. Slowly this got one cancelled, as Social Media platforms began to remove content, and eventually block acccounts.

After going public with what had been discovered with the legal frameworks of the Court Systems of the Northern Territory, being silenced was not what was expected, neither was being slandered and totally abused in the public sphere over things that one does not find relevant to ones own life. The unusual amount of backlash to just standing up and speaking about what one had actually discovered with the realms of the Supreme Courts of this country was bewildering to say the least. It could be said, that even to this day, very few comprehend, what Steven has been through, or what he has truly discovered.

Most unsually, to Stevens record, is the fact that the Police of New South Wales were involved directly in the slander and abuse in a bid to silence any notion of speaking out.

To date, Stevens work is constantly removed from social media networks across the world for his discovery of a Curial Right and Standing within the Commonwealth of Australia. It is because of this, that Spiers Media web site was created in the Steven Spiers namesake, so as to be able to publish audio without it being removed by Corporate overlords working in Big Tech on behalf of Money Lender partners within countries Governing Bodies.

Spiers Media

Spiers Media is an entity of the Steven Spiers Group of entities. Spiers Media is a Non Government Organisation. (NGO).

As a media arm of Steven Spiers, Spiers Media is not a company, does not have staff, or efforts to forge into a media based company. What is provided is a means for Steven to offer his thoughts on current world events and events that affects people within the Commonwealth of Australia without that media being removed, or cancelled.

In essence, the Media of Steven Spiers is presented for you to download, listen to, enjoy and publish to social media. Opinions are stated, and all legal accusations and facts presented are already defended in the systems of judicial prudence, or the court room. Steven Spiers takes no liability or responsibilty for actions taken by Social Media companies, Persons (natural or otherwise), and/or Government Agencies in the removal, or pursuance of your use of said media.

The content is provided as is, and is to be used at your discretion.


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