House of Spiers

The Prince

By the Grace of God.

His blessing being bestowed, falling down from the Heavens, guiding ones feet in the eyes of Peace, blessed be his name.

The earned position of Grace, becomes when one speaks for a people lost for words in which to speak. Wherein evil may have grabbed their hearts, and deceived their minds. To stand in the light of the darkness, and see the rains fall from the heavens, to hold the chariots of the gods in their station, and collapse it all into one, to be born from a stone in which time itself became lost.

To forge like the anvil and splinter a rock.

Formed in the blood of the earth, smashed down, dust rises, a pillar binds, vested between Heaven and Earth.

Balancing a feather, in the heart of time, a new world spreads forth, from an old world in line.

A new day is dawn, from night of the sun, gathering stars, like children of One.

His Grace is gifted, to all and to one, for all of us, everywhere, to shine like the Sun.

After many years of suffering, with the scars to show, Steven has continued to hold ground and move forwards by establishing truth and fact before all and sundry by establishing an unchallenged position upon the court record of the State of New South Wales in the Commonwealth of Australia before Justice Lonergan of that Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Speaking for a country, instead of his own self, it is well established that no laws were broken, and if the select case wherein laws were broken, they were chosen to be broken and with purpose, for the gathering of evidence, and proofs of the actions of those involved. It can be demonstrated over many years, that the actions of the States and the National Government are in deed oppressive on the people themselves, deluded away from their very own foundations with God.

It is in this that Justices of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, as well as other entities within the Commonwealth of Australia have recognised by Name and by Title, the United Kingdom of Australia, its Prince, its Sovereign standing and position in International Law, and its claims before a National Government wherein Criminal Activity has occurred while under Administration under the Rules of Usufruct as per the Hague Conventions.

It is with this knowledge of law in State, Federal and International Realms as well as a comprehension of the foundations forged with the blessing of Almighty God, that Justices have recognised a Curial Right and Standing presented before the Court Systems in the Commonwealth of Australia. It is by Name and by Title, that we, do accept, the honour and respect of the position bestowed upon us, by the people, in full recognition of the Justice under the Supreme Law of the Land.

By Gods Grace, we do defend, we do rise, and we do return home, to the lineage given to us by our forefathers. Amen.

Yours Faithfully,

Steven R.


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Steven Spiers

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