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ProMantix is the brainchild of Steven Spiers, orginally developed to provide Network Systems Administration and Sales of Computer Equipment and Hardware, the ProMantix name was taken by others and registered online. It is no longer a legal entity in the sense, due to its uniqueness being tainted. Behind the scenes however it remains the container for several other projects undertaken by Steven Spiers and associated entities.

cobRa API

Becoming a fully fledged online application over the last few incarnations of the project has taken many years to fulfil and has allowed for a presence in the online world with the ability to provide a large host of different application models based on an Application Interface or API structure. With ongoing development continuing in the latest Argos Group of projects increased functionality, stability and speed are only benefits to an ever improving product base.

cobRa API provided for the backend functionality to many of the Steven Spiers and associated entities web site structures. The API is unfortunately not for sale, and remains a closed source project and is designed as a backend to our projects.

Argos Network

We embark on a strange new world, as the worlds online collide into some new formation of Web 3.0, crypto and all its associated scams taking front and centre stage for the last several years as the woke engaged in defrauding the ignorant, and birds fell out of the ethersphere and stopped tweeting, as an X crossed their eyes. A difficult world to enter into due to the vast costs invlolved in the development of the core product itself. As we embark on the New World of Argos, we venture into the seas against Big Tech, and its giants of industry and finance.

Making use of the cobRa API as a backend to several domain names, the Argos Group of web sites functionally works across all its associated Web Sites. As a platform, the user is able to login to multiple project offerings from the same account, and participate in a larger offering of web site structures each dedicated to their own logistical frameworks.

The Argos Group of Web Sites intends to offer a selection of Social Media and Community Collaboration based web site structures, each available to users through a single Argos Account. With offerings in News, Newsfeeds, Bulletin Boards, Event Management, Indexing and more, the Argos Group of web sites will offer a large selection of Social Media based initiatives.


Since earliest times, development of online services has been a part of the growing structure of what you see today. With over 15 years experience programming with PHP in a LAMP (or similar) environment, skills in a variety of languages including HTML, HTML Canvas, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and SQL have become a staple. The development of a long term and ongoing project has seen expanding past simplistic development into more unique and technical solutions.

Programming and the Development of applications using computers is an interest that causes the mind to venture into technical aspects of the world. Something that is always enjoyed.

Systems Analyst

Is your computer junk, the right junk for you?

How would you know it was junk or not is the real question? Some business spend immense amounts of money attempting to find solutions to problems that could have cheaper, less cumbersome options available. After twenty years of fiddling around with laptops, desktops, servers, rackmount hardware and millions of miles of cables, you could say, you learn a thing or two. This knowledge passed on to small business, to minimise their expenditure and maxmise their output has been a large part of working freelance in the IT industry.

Being able to analyse a situation, and define the requirements of a small business, so that it can perform its duties at minimal costs is of great interest to any small business owner who is usually less knowledgeable, or unable to afford the costs of experience to manage or run those things on the businesses behalf. Often its not possible to hire in house staff to maintain a server, or computer network and that is done by rent-a-tech, or inhouse, and usually by the business owners, or their freinds.

Throughout the years, Steven has seen to helping many small shops, as well as small office businesses manage their infrastructure needs, helping to streamline productivity and minimise costs for the owners of said businesses. Although no longer helping others to maintain services, Steven maintains all of his own services, and web sites, as well as the maintenance of those servers and their operating systems and softwares.

Steven Spiers

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