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Welcome to an all new look theme for this wordpress site. It has taken quite a few hours behind a screen to get everything working. Only the beginning!

The old site theme had to much on the front end, especially stuff that was repetitive. So we try and clean up the output so that its less cumbersome and more straight forward. And on this we will improve over time.

Google Page Analysis Gives the new Design a 99% compared to a 24% in the other design. We have cut out all the plugins and coded them into the theme itself making for even better fluidity. With this framework we will style and build up a whole new portal which will be 100% at my fingertips for what it can do.

You will see over the coming months this barebones wordpress theme turn into a fully customisable theme. Most of it should be working, youll see tweeks and adjustments and graphical design added next. Youll get to see the changes as they are made now.

Page Counts have been reset from the old counts. The old plugin was removed. All coded into the theme now.

So… enjoy the new change. And let me know what you think.

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The Whitepapers

Realm and Commonwealth The first of the white papers written by Steven, this was created in an eight day period while sitting on a farm at Gin Gin near Rockhampton in Queensland. Knowing that people hadnt quite got a grasp on what was going on in Australia, and without much indication that they knew what […]

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Clarke and Dawe

Ten years old, and amazingly relevent.

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To transition out of continually talking concepts of law and the scripture, let us segway into a new section. Everyone has watched Social Media Platforms explode in user interaction over the last ten years, but in the recent United States election process we saw for the first time these media giants come under the spotlight, […]

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Last Time

This blog is no longer going to focus on you all fixing your country, its very clear that all you want to do is rip each other apart like zombies and rip each other off. Ive just experienced the worst experience of my life WITH ONE OF YOU and I will no longer participate. You […]

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Admit Facts 3

What we have established in the first seven points is that an oath is not to be taken lightly, and that to have taken one puts the taker under obligations associated with that oath. We have established that when it comes to the Commonwealth of Australia, that oath is founded in a Scriptural blessing of […]

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Admit Facts 2

3. God is defined as the trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This seems to be pretty straight forward, most people can come to this conclusion that they know of the Son, Father and Holy Ghost or Spirit. The ideal has been educated into your brains subtly through imagery and the […]

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Admit Facts 1

Along with the 13 Constitution Questions that have been raised and to date been without answers. There are a number of supporting facts to demonstrate and clarify the position or standing in questioning the 13 Constitutional Matters. The only way we are going to be able to define the facts as they stand, is by […]

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A Good Scout 2

Being a good scout is not just about “being prepared” as Baden Powell had put it, the good scout is also aware of the world around him (or her for a Guide). This might include the finer things in life that exist in different cultures. Culture is more than just claiming a border and being […]

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Next Steps

That took a little bit of time. Now we have a complete wordpress theme to build from. Youll start to see some of the features Ive extended into this theme as we go. For some reason the front side of the Announcements is bringing up an error. This is strange as its built the same […]

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As with any development, especially one that is visually important, a developer writes code to get the elements to display accordingly. A client might provide a brief for a design, or even a full design that is expected to fit to the pixel on screen. Steven is not a designer, he is a programmer. Steven […]

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New Look

Over the past week, I have been hammering away at the keyboard programming a WordPress Theme to be able to tailor it to be able to do some things I’ve wanted to lay out for a while. The old wordpress theme NewSphere is a bloated and overly design pos, so its been a blessing to […]

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A Good Scout 1

So, we change tack a little. And make you look at yourself a little more too. Your origins dont matter here. This is not about where you came from, how hard you work, how much you get paid all that superficial crap is pointless here. To know this Realm is a little more than knowing […]

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What is very clear is that as a people that you are not identifying as. You are not projecting numbers, ie, how many of you there are and where the support is the strongest. Biblically, we look through Genesis and the creation of a world or realm or country wherein the dove signifies a land […]

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