24 Hours Blocked

Well there you go, everything spoken is demonstrated.

A Facebook Account was created yesterday and as stated in our post, it wasnt going to be used for personal interaction with anybody. It was to be used to link out to media that was published on external media… such as this web site.

Farcebook is a manipulated media and it didnt take long for Farcebook to cancel the account altogether.

It just goes to show that they cant have people speaking the truth on their platform, they prefer contraversy wherein you all argue with each other and play fake fixes.

I want you all to consider this…

Who is the most silenced man in Australia when it comes to Internet Media and had to create their own web site to publish their work because they cannot rely on other media to do so.

It didnt take long did it.

So who else out there is attempting to copy Stevens work and not being kicked off media. You might want to ask yourself why they arent being removed.

Is it because they have you conned and you continue to think fixes will be made while this government surrounds you and causes you extreme poverty.

Youll realise in time.

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