Creation vs Formation

After YouTube started to delete videos, a new account has been formed specifically to reupload specific videos of importance to all of you.

Creation vs Formation ventures into the creation of Realms and the foundations of Country. We look at why the current Australian Government has no claim due to its failure to link to the Line of Authority forged by ANZAC in 1919 Treaties of Peace.

We will continue to reupload videos and link them to the web site space.

The obvious problem here is that these Socialist Media sites do not allow real freedom of speech, they follow company policies and push their own agendas. Anything that goes outside of that company policy is looked at as a problem to their agenda, so it is removed.

Many of you are aware that quite a few videos were removed. And facebook accounts closed and links to the videos banned on facebook.

Its very clearly demonstrated that these Socialist Media companies have an agenda. It becomes easier to define their agenda by taking notice of what is removed.

If you would like to see the videos stored directly on our web site and server hardware your support is needed. Any donations that come in are directly used to maintain an online presence so as to provide you with the history and education of the founding of this Country.

All in all, enjoy the reupload of videos to a new channel.

Hit that Subscribe Button and that Notification button too, it helps us expand the Channel faster. The channel needs more than a 1000 subscribers so that we can upload the longer videos. YouTube is limiting that access for now.