Fake News vs Anti Maskers

A look at how a Spiritual Day in Australia Day on the 31st of July, being the last Friday of July, the day at which ANZAC celebrated annually was attempted to be turned into a Protest Event.


If you havent see the previous video displaying what happened on the 31st of July 2020, then click the link above to see the video.

The following video explains how this event was marred by a certain group of people whom have continued to use Facebook to manipulate peoples thoughts on how to defend their Sovereignty.

It is very clear to us, having dealt with the problem for a very long time, that there is a group of people using Facebook and other platforms in an attempt to change the narrative. What can be seen as a very clear manipulation of the truth is used on a platform that many of us cannot get a voice on.

This continues to this day.

This becomes worrying when we look at the foundations laid by ANZAC and their inability to define those foundations. It also becomes troublesome when they are uneducated on the history of the Commonwealth of Australia and its links to that Shrine of Remembrance as well as Canberra.

To cause people to follow something blindly is worrying, especially when what is occurring today has seen peoples front doors being smashed in over posting what could be consider inciting violent actions on Facebook.

Steven has always chosen the route of being Independant Media and attempted to educate people on who they are, and what their lines of authority are. You can see by his difficulty using Social Media that the message is attempted to be blocked out.

This is why it is so concerning that imitations occur within these Socialist Media Platforms. Can you be assured you stand with the Gods of your Fathers? Or are you following Lamb to Slaughter?

The key message from us is that Honour and Respect of what ANZAC did for the Commonwealth of Australia must sit at the fore, and the ego of wanting to lead people to slaughter needs to dissipate.

You all want change. The warning is. Decide how you want that change.

The only way we can stop these videos from being taken down by Socialist Media Platforms is to not use those platforms and host them direct from this web site. To be able to do that we need your support.

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  1. Steven,

    I just wanted to say what an incredible man you are. When I watched your Video Fake News Vs Fake Anti Maskers, just now I cried.

    I stumbled across your works, no so long ago, via your YouTube channel, of which was then pulled down. Inspired, interested, I tried to search for you and came across many of these FB pages, some even mocking you. I joined the ARC FB page, of which seemed to have a closer connection to your work. I watch and engage in in the ARC FB page occasionally. However, I’m more interested in following your work, so I was grateful when this web link of yours was shared with me.

    You 100% have my support. I’m just a simple Australian country girl, who left the education system in year 10. However, I’m not a stupid. I do have an analytical mind, of which seems sharpened to detail and picking up minor discrepancies, combined with quite a good memory. Because of these things, the way my mind is/works, I have found myself questioning things often my entire life, especially when things don’t add up, and/or make sense, especially in logic. I don’t rely on what others tell me, if unsure on fact or truth, I have an abundance of tenacity and search for truth and fact myself. You are an extraordinary researcher.

    I have known most of what is going with our Governments, the Global NWO plan for about 2 decades, with more clarity over the past decade, especially regarding Australian, and more predominantly over the past 3 to 4 years, of which has lead me personally, finding myself analysing how do I get out of this system, of which personal I don’t want or wish to be part of. Analysing in my own mind in trying to seek a solution, a way out of the current system, for many years. Knowing a little of law, the differences between Magna Carta & Corpus Juris, jurisdiction and standing, but you shone the light on the Line of Authority. I believe your answer, solution is 100% correct and this is what we need to do, as nation, as a people.

    For me personally I find your work painful to face in many ways, but I also like to stand in truth. I’ve always been open and willing to face mine, no matter how sad or painful that is, and I greatly respect your truth. The fact of it is, the truth most of the time is never pretty, no doubt I will cry again. I would rather stand in truth, with integrity, and build the resilience in moving forward.

    For me, your work joined the dot’s, it all fell into place, so thank you so much x. Lest ye forget

    God Bless
    Kind regards Sue

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