False Flagged

The history of the Australian Flag is little known by most Australians, and yet argued over and confused by those attempting to comprehend Land and Sea and the Law of the Flag.

The Commonwealth of Australia had before it became a Commonwealth its Coat of Arms of Australia, and along with that the Land Flag of Kings Imperial Forces. At the creation through debates of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution and associated Act of Parliament, the people became a self governing colony under a Federal Red Ensign defended by Imperial Forces.

This triggered the need for this newly formed self governance to fly its own ensigns displaying its self governing ability.

A blue ensign was adopted in September of 1901 by the newly formed National Government based on the nine pointed star of the Federal Red Ensign although in 1903 Royal Warrant was issued declaring a new National Flag limiting the star points to seven on the southern cross due to their use in Admiralty.

A Civil Merchant Ensign was designed to reflect the Nationality of Civilians on International Waters.

Australia had been involved in Imperial Usufruct Agreements going back as far as Geneva Conventions 1864, this saw changes to International Laws through Hague Conventions 1899 and then again in 1907 reaffirming agreements to Peace through the ongoing payment of debts.

This saw Admiralty Orders take place, at which new Royal Warrant was issued in 1908 changing the main star to the left lower canton of the flag from Six Points to Seven Points inline with newly introduced Coat of Arms displaying Seven Pointed Star over the Torse in place of a Rising Sun.

This saw the issuance of further Admiralty Orders in 1931 after the Statute of Westminster 1931 defining the Royal Australian Navies use of Admiralty ensigns on Shore. This defined the Blue and White Ensigns and purely Naval Flags not to be used on shore.

This flag introduced in 1908 under Royal Warrant from England wasn’t officially made a National Flag until post Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second in 1953 under Parliamentary Style and Title 1927 instead of Royal Style and Titles 1927.

This was followed in 1967 on the 1st of March where a new White Ensign was consecrated over His Majesties Admiralty Fleet, another line of questioning that could be looked into following the actions of Robert Menzies in 1939 causing him to post date Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 1942 linking Australia back into the Admiral Command of London an already foreign power to this Sovereign Australian Entity forged in 1919.

It is also worthy to note Robert Menzies push post 1942 linking the Federal Red Ensigns use to another Red Communist Flag that was being used within the Commonwealth of Australia at the time. It is Robert Menzies model that was pushed throughout the Howard Era.

When we consider Malcolm Frasers comments in relation to Peace and War, we can see then why President Obama displays Australian Flag in Gold Fringe on the left hand of his Washington DC Registered Vehicle on Northern Territory Soils.

When we consider the history of the Australian Flag, displaying Federal Red Ensign used by ANZAC in the Boer War, through the Great War 1914-1918, we must wonder why changes occurred, and the Government Narrative we are taught.

We must also consider the Thin Blue Line and why it no longer serves as Public Servants, and instead acts as Military Force keeping the people imprisoned by the States Statutory and Admiralty based laws of Commerce.

We must ask ourselves. What did they die for, if this is the reward that is reaped, and look at our history, and decide, where do our loyalties lie when those that sacrificed their lives before us are being forgotten.

Lest we Forget!


  1. It’s not nearly as simple as you are making out Steve. It wasn’t just all the red ensign prior to 1954. Next time you are at the Australian War Memorial you’ll see there’s a blue ensign that Private Forty flew over Harbonnieres during world war 1 on display. Some of the information you present here is way out of date. https://m.facebook.com/notes/australian-flag-society/examples-of-discredited-revisionist-history-in-australian-vexillology/3384873674861488

    • Out of date, are your retarded. ITS A LAND FLAG vs AN ADMIRALTY FLAG. More fool all of you for entertaining this stupidity. All I can say is go back to farcebook. Its literally dumbing you all down.

  2. good to see you have this site up.
    you should put some of your videos on here mate,
    especially the one that explains how those foundations where laid.

      • Thanks Steven, Creation vs Formation is the video i was after.
        I will always continue to share your work, i will always continue to try to show the door to others.
        As you said the doorway is narrow but it is open.
        You showed everyone their foundations they had forgotten, it is up to everyone to unite which you have stated many times.
        One day i will come and have that silver tea service with you.

  3. Steve, what is the historical source (any) for the existence of the 1901 land flag. Did it really exist?

  4. Nice read Steve. Interesting that the Queen give royal assent to the flag act 1953 after opening parliament house.

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