Sewn.. Now Reap

Watching day to day it seems as though the people enjoy the controversy instead of looking at how to be the people that will change the future of the country.

Continuing to follow known failures expecting the result to be different is literally a expression of insanity as the people share false legal posts and fake news preaching it like it has answers.

Knowing that the answers were put on the table, the very same ego driven facebookers sought to control the narrative in their failed leadership. Not wanting to join together and be the people that would make the change, they refuse to work together with others and act like leaders of a pile of dung.

It was said once by a British comedian Ricky Gervais that Twitter was a rubbish bin, and it didnt matter how much you shuffled it around to get stuff to rise to the top, its still rubbish. Facebook is no different, each of the platforms catering to one wing of the eagle. Far Right, or Far Left, Socialist Media AI Systems have got you covered.

These Artificial Intelligence systems know you, and they push information out at you, treating you like a node of this intelligence system. Although they dont treat you with intelligence, the intelligence is used against you, you are treated as a node on the network.

The problem remains when people cannot get away from Socialist Media Platforms. They constantly argue the propaganda that is fed to them by this Artificial Intelligence that knows the user so well it can target the whole family. Instead of concentrating on solutions, these platforms enable an agenda that the people are fighting against without a hope in hell.

Not being able to discern fact from fiction, as well as following people that themselves have an agenda seems to be the norm on Facebook. And that does not take into account the police, army and foreign intelligence using Socialist Platforms to spy on users and manipulate their thoughts as well.

There is no chance of evolution with the family stuck to a screen all day and night. Being tracked, monitored, spied on and eventually having police knock on your door demonstrating that a totalitarian state reaches from outside of Government itself.

Instead of helping each other in ways that Social Community should, the people are being Socially Engineered into having a voice which is then used by authority to demonstrate its requirement to quash that voice. Generally a voice of anger at the governments around the world, the users do not realise that the voice they have is being affected directly by those that control the media sources they are driven to see, and subsequently share.

Users dont consider that they would be silenced completely if their voice was structured in a way that doesnt fit with the narrative of an authoritarian state. Steven only knows all to well, having eight facebook accounts shut down, with the last one shut down in less than 24 hours.

How did they know to shut it down. Artificial Intelligence works very quickly to stifle those that don’t fit with company agenda or the narrative these companies are forced into by international governments. News media only speaks what it is allowed to speak, otherwise it would be silenced.

So the question becomes, do Australians as a people realise they are being manipulated, do they continue to fall into the controversy that demonstrates their inability to become that people? Do they constantly rely on their Servants to be their Masters and provide for them, or do they realise Public Servants do what their masters require of them?

The people will need to realise follow the leader isnt really helping them, and that as a people they need to find that grace again. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube dont cater for communities like they portray to do so in the front face.

Do the people continue the insanity of expecting a different result like they have for the last decade, or do they realise that other have worked to find answers, and the ego of defaming each other retracts from working together on those answers.

Steven has never changed his stance on what the problem is having walked into several court rooms over the last ten years in attempt to show the people the problems they face. And all he has seen is the people treat each other as a spectator sport, from their facebook apps.

Socialist Media has become the problem along with the fake news that Channel Seven and Channel Nine push into peoples homes every day.

Will the people realise they are being lied to continuously, and will they realise that those allowed to speak as Media only do so as long as they speak within the constraints put on them with the now obvious fake news demonstrating its agenda.

If the people of Australia continue the selfishness that they display, they will continue to reap what is sewn, and will sink further into an inability to deal with it. They will continue to expect their servants to master them in an inability to master their own domain.