Bias Socialist Media

Welcome to Steven Spiers online presence. After attempting to use Socialist Media in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other platforms, Steven has had to create his own space to be able to speak after these socialist platforms block and remove his content.

You are not allowed to discuss or question a Government Narrative on these socialist platforms, your posts, videos, comments and interaction with other users of these socialist platforms are monitored while articifical intelligence acts to reduce your coverage while they increase coverage of their own agendas.

Google and Facebook have both been shown to use artificial intelligence to drive an agenda by driving a fairness that is in their algorythms to push a media agenda instead of balanced and effective indpendant news and media.

Steven has had to produce this web site due to this complete and driven unfairness created by these socialist platforms wherein you get no recourse to any decisions, while the platforms drive agendas, and strike you for your opinions that go outside of their agendas.

Facebook is currently seeing an exodus of young people over to other platforms, although unaware that some of those platforms like Instragram are also owned by Facebook. This exodus is seeing the main platforms general age grow into the retiree bracket as the aging attempt to communicate with family and freinds.

Youtube is seeing a similar shift as independant media and outspoken Channel Owners start to copy their media out to other less known platforms like Bittube and BitChute which are Bit Torrent based sharing structures without centralised command.

Many YouTube Channel owners have complained across the spectrum at Googles Policies in relation to its content with less contraversial programming also obtaining strikes to their accounts from google AI and Staff. One YouTuber making complaint that their channel was blocked merely for showing video of a child lighting a firework in the presence of parents.

Socialist Media is the new Socialism hiding behind email contacts, web contact forms and phone numbers that are recording driven. You can try calling Googles Head Offices across the world for yourself. Choosing any extension number will lead you to a recorded message referring you to processing actions through Web Services instead of dealing with a real office worker sitting at a desk.

With Socialism being brain trained on your children, demonstrating time and time again that there is no recourse to actions, or requests, and that mainstream services provide little intervention or interaction over complaints including copyright ownership.

Participating in their systems make them money off your data, which you freely give away, and sites like Facebook have already been known to sell large databases of personal data to companies like the CIA and Cambridge Analytics. Google has been accused of using Artificial Intelligence to affect and influence users over all manner of topics including influencing United States Elections.

The people willingly participate in the Socialist Agenda which coincides with the narrative of Mockingbird Media. Facebook demonstrated to push the World Health Organisation narrative by silencing anybody that questions that narrative.

It becomes a requirement of users to ascertain whether the risk to their personal data stops them using Socialist Media platforms that drive the narrative and provide zero to no recourse for problems that the platforms themselves invoke by silencing a voice that doesnt agree with their narrative.

We have come to a point in society where we have allowed multinational companies to hold rule of law, while the people suffer at the hands of governments whom are supposed to uphold that rule of law by holding a line of authority.

Instead of stepping in and making evident the Socialist Media Agenda, Governments instead of owned by these large companies whom seem to drive the narrative to very large databases of users.

Databases of user data that they sell and analyse for profits.

This user only knows all to well, having seven facebook accounts shut down completely, and videos removed off both platforms with YouTube recently removing video challenging the Government Position on Covid-19.

The question is, do we allow private companies to drive the narrative of countries, and do the people remain silent on this issue forever.