The Deleted

Always annoying when you post items online and the multinational companies decide that your voice isnt inline with their agenda so they start removing your posts.

Posted on YouTube the following video, now posted to BitTube was removed after gaining 1000 likes and over 40,000 views, most of which were likely clicked through from people sharing on Facebook.

Facebook went onto ban the link, denying users the ability to post the video onto their Facebook Walls demonstrating that its agenda is very clear. Mark Zuckerburg seen on news media agreeing to accept World Health Organisation propaganda and deny what it calls Right Wing posts while it ignores what would then be called the Left Wing.

It could be said that by design, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are allowing incitement of violence by promoting riots in the United State currently while calling this mass violence peaceful protest.

Users can only smarten up when it comes to Socialist Media, and start to see through the manipulation by Artificial Intelligence and Company Analytics used by company heads to drive a different opinion to its viewers.

When the Internet becomes a propaganda machine. The people can only walk away like they did in the days of MySpace which saw an exodus the moment it was bought out by Multi National corporate interests.

Facebook begins its exodus of the young users, while it retains the aging population wanting to connect to the youth in family and freinds leaving the platform with argument and contraversy over differing opinion of this now aging user bracket.

YouTube continues to damage independant media while adhering to the main stream narrative. A main stream know to be owned by six companies world wide has taken control of the independants by using its Socialist Networks to quash any form of opinion outside of its own.

The Independant Media are forced to use alternative platforms leaving the main stream media to push its agendas on the major socialist networks.

Are users smart enough to see the downfall of this socialism?

Or will they continue to bathe in the glow of these corporate profiteers?

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