The Rebuild

You will have to bare with us as we go about rebuilding all of the platforms in which are used to push out information. With Socialist Media platforms continually shutting down accounts because they follow a narrative driven by a hidden agenda, we have decided to create a bunch of channels and locations at which to host this media.


We have registered a new page on Farcebook called Flame Ops, at which we will limit our posts to linked out media rather than providing farcebook with continual interaction all day. If you want to interact with us, its probably best to do it on our web site rather than Socialist Media. Farcebook has shut down seven accounts in total over the years, and limited several others from making posts.

You can find our Farcebook Page here

UPDATE: Facebook blocked the account within less than 24 hours demonstrating that there is more to it than just your posts. You are all being manipulated by a platform that Artificial Intelligence manages. The platform is designed to silence you.


Another Socialist Media platform that has a company agenda YouTube is a platform that also doesnt adhere to its own guidelines. Disabling videos and removing Monetization from people including not paying out accounts seems to be YouTubes way of dealing with Company Policy that sees its company agenda spoken for over and above independant media.

Instead of being liable for the media you create, YouTube acts like nanny over your content, only allow you to post within its Company Narrative.

You can find our JooTube Page here.

BitChute and BitTube

Because Socialist Media follows its company narratives, we have copied out important videos that were removed from these media companies and put them on Alternative Media Platforms.

Links in the Videos Page on the Main Menu Bar.

Support and Shop

If you would like to show your support, click the Support link on the header to this web site. We are also currently working on some merchandise that we hope you will like.

Planning this out is taking a little bit of time, but we appreciate the viewers that we can already see browsing through this web site.


After we get everything setup, we will have a platform at which we can post content from contributors as well. If you are interested in writing and or publishing videos, our next steps are to provide a means for this to happen.

This will come with time.


For now, we have produced a space to be able to manage WordPress and its associated media. With your support we will be able to post our videos direct on our web site platform without the requirement to use any Socialist Media or Alt Media to be able to get that content out to you.

We would like to see increased hosting support and our videos published on our own frameworks. This would allow us to manage the content better and provide a non bias platform in which to do that.

This can only happen with your support because hosting costs, and data transfer costs more than hosting when it comes to content like video streaming. We thank everyone that has contributed to this long term goal so far.

Streaming Content

Most of our viewers enjoy the recorded video content as well as the structure of the video material. We are currently configuring and setting up a means to do live tutorials and streaming where users can interact, ask questions and interact over live video media.

Check out our Live Feeds link on the header menu of this web site for information on the equipment we have put together to manage this interaction.


Having produced content for over a decade now, with competent research to back it up. We thankyou for participating and learning about the Commonwealth of Australia, its history and of course its Forefathers in your ANZAC. It is with this knowledge that you will turn the country around.

We thankyou for participating in our new web structure and look forward to producing more content into the not to distant future.

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