The Whitepapers

Realm and Commonwealth

The first of the white papers written by Steven, this was created in an eight day period while sitting on a farm at Gin Gin near Rockhampton in Queensland.

Knowing that people hadnt quite got a grasp on what was going on in Australia, and without much indication that they knew what Australian History was, Steven decided to put his research down on paper.

You can download Realm and Commonwealth free of charge from the link above. Steven has always stipulated that this is to be given away free. Anybody charging you for this work is doing so without permission.

Realm and Commonwealth goes into how Australia become bankrupt and feel into a demise of the currency allowing a foreign power to administer the governing of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The white paper goes into how this Administration was created in Secret Meetings and installed as Government in 1973 to see the Duumverite Parliament occur during the tenure of Gough Whitlam as Prime Minister before he was removed from Office.

Realm and Man

The second White Paper written by Steven was produced in four days because people were trying to find answers to problems in the first white paper which only discussed the problem itself.

You can download Realm and Man free of charge from the link above. Again, this is to always be free for download.

Realm and Man goes into a Line of Authority with New South Wales being the specific State in Question. Looking at the Oaths Acts and how the States Actors proclaim to be under Oath, although demonstrating a fracture in that Line of Authority.

This demonstrates that the State of New South Wales cannot be in its original form, with a foreign line of authority in command.

A Government Lie, Bill of Rights

Stevens third White Paper was put together in a few hours because many legal people complained that the previous White Papers didnt reference anything and continued to defend the Legal Line without questioning where that Line of Authority originates from, or why.

You can download A Government Lie free of charge from the link above.

This paper is referenced to specific Acts, Statutes and Historical links demonstrating that the Bill of Rights is still very much active law in all states and territories to this day.

This Act is specific to Protestant Australia having a right to defend itself against a Papist takeover. A takeover we can see has occurred since 1st of March 1967 when a foreign power lowered the White Ensign of His Majesties Admiralty Fleet.

Constituting a Christian Commonwealth

The final white paper was not written by Steven. It is available on AustLii and was written by Augusto Zimmerman and is refenced Legal Material that fits with the Legal Fraternity view of the Commonwealth of Australia.

This white paper demonstrates that the Commonwealth of Australia was forged out of the Church of England as a Protestant Christian Commonwealth and backs up the three white papers that were written by Steven.


Steven spent over a decade researching not only law, but the historical aspects of this Commonwealth of Australia. This opened up the doors to finding out about the biblical foundations and claims that lay within the Shrine of Remembrance and the grounds of the Kings Domain.

Most Australians didnt know their own history, nor why an Australian Government was treating them with such degrading practice which didnt fit within the Laws of the Gods of their Fathers.

The Will of the People in the Testament of Christ being forged in Blood by ANZAC was not known by many, and to this day many fail to grasp that a Foundation of Country is found Biblically.

We offer these white papers free, and hope that people discuss them openly and freely. These are not based in opinion and have laid out the historical fact in reference, images and text that has yet to be rebutted by anybody.

Many have attempted to pick at a page or two but all have failed to rebut any claim made within in its full context. This demonstrates that the Australian Government has gone silent and refused to address what was in these white papers.

Steven merely asks that you question this Australian Government, and challenge its lies and propaganda that has been proven to be outside of Rule of Law and with no Line of Authority.

We have demonstrated to you that the media and police work hand in hand to push a government narrative by what happened on Australia Day the 31st of July 2020 within the Shrine of Remembrance and the grounds of the Kings Domain.

For Australia to move forward as a people, is to awaken from the slumber of ignorance and rediscover what ANZAC forged in Battles and how the Commonwealth of Australia became a Sovereign and Independent Country on a world stage.

It is important to the future of the children of this Commonwealth of Australia to see that their parents attempted to defend it, against what is unfair and oppresive by nature.

Please share all white papers freely and discuss their contents amongst each other.

Final Comment

If you feel you can rebut the work within these White Papers, like many a lawtard has before. We implore you to write full white paper discussing full Line of Authority and prove your claims.

It is not for you to rebut one line or one page, it is for you to rebut all of it as a claim of Foreign Military Occupation under Administration under the Rules of Usufruct. If you cannot, rest assured, nobody has.

And by nobody.

The Prime Ministers Office issued flag pin in defiance of ANZAC.

The Prime Minister and Cabinet went silent like a Pet Rock.

The Attorney General ran to the Synagogue to find out what to do.

The Governor General has remained hidden in the Ivory Tower.

The Governors of State have remained silent.

The Attorney Generals of State have used their Police to silence.

And no single sole has attempted to rebut.

In their silence, they have acquiesced, and proven they agree.

The White Papers are truth.

And they are a foreign occupying power not of the Commonwealth proper.


Steven has done many hours of hard work to provide free information to everyone. If you would like to support this venture so that continued information and media can be provided to you click on the Support Page and help out.


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