Updated System

We have finally updated our server systems for the web site. Some of you may have noticed that our web site was inaccessible. Something had attacked the database server taking it offline. Being on a cheap server package, it was decided to move everything to a higher performance server company.

This has not only provided us with better security, it has also put us in a position to improve services and provide better outcomes to you the users.

Everything is migrated over already, and now we look to improve the WordPress installation. Although not really a fan of WordPress for its bloatware behaviour, it is the simplest method to put a news site online for now.

Thankyou to those who made this possible through your donations.

If you would like to help Steven and his colleagues provide you with videos direct from the site, as well as increased features your donations are appreciated.


We hope to get past the configurations stage and return to producing video and news media content very soon. Steven has worked very hard to get to a point where his content wont be removed from the internet by socialist media platforms like Facebook.

Facebook blocking an account in less than 24 hours demonstrates that it is a targeted attack of a user and not the Community Guidelines that Facebook purport to be the reasoning. No strikes or Farcebook gaol was involved, it was the immediate suspension and closing of an account that had only five posts and less than 30 friends contacts.

If this does not demonstrate that you are being manipulated by Socialist Media, we dont know what will wake you all up to the fact that you are being brain trained.

Channel Seven Australia, and Channel Nine Australia have already been caught out in a flat out lie to the people of this country, and it is very obvious to us that Fake News is a real problem world wide.

Steven cannot get into every lounge room across the country given that the media here are licenced to lie to the population with the full support of the Federal and State Governments.

We have also shown you how the Federal and State Police are involved in this flat out lie, with Channel Nine being fed propaganda at the Shrine of Remembrance on the 31st July 2020 by the Victorian Police.

We emphatically state that Victorian Police enabled propaganda to occur on Channel Nine News by helping provide them with the video footage to create that propaganda demonstrating that the Police, Media and Government are all in the big lie together.

One could say, they are Inn Cahoots with each other.

Others may say, they are a Conspiracy at Law, given they have been caught out playing the minds of the population through media manipulation and government control.

Ephesians 6:12 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

The Bible becomes more pertinent when we start to discover how this government and its financial and military arms have controlled and manipulated the Australian People since they raised their Foreign Flag over His Majesties Admiralty Fleet on 1st March 1967.

We can only provide you with our own independant media and sources in a time where you are flooded with misinformation. And we are forced to do that from our own sources due to the fact that Socialist Media platforms deny you speaking out against this narrative shown to be a blatant lie.

Why does Socialist Media silence your voice?

Why do the Police support the Media narrative?

Why does Government lie outright to the people?

Why does independent voice that challenges this get silenced?

These are questions that everyone needs to ask, and is reason why we have had to provide our message from our own means.

If Government, its Police and its Media are Inn Cahoots and telling the country lies on a daily basis, and continue to do so even when caught out at those lies.

What does that say for you as countrymen? What line or narrative do you hold?

We hope that the new space for our web site makes your browsing faster and easier. And we look forward to providing you with information direct from our web site structure.

We also hope that you start to recognise the problem that you have in your country and look forward to your comments and feedback. If you have direct questions, or requests that something be looked at and covered, dont hesitate to nudge us in that direction.

We thankyou for all your support so far, and look forward to providing you with much more information into the coming future.

Thankyou all, we hope you have enjoyed our content so far, and appreciate your patronage. We look forward to more interaction with everybody into the future.