Watching You

Most people are not that technically minded, so dont really think about how the tools they use actually work. And when it comes to Information Technology and the use of Smart Devices that use even becomes hidden from the user.

Edward Snowden made a name for himself by speaking out about the Data Retention that the American Government does. We all know that George Brandis initiated Data Retention of all Meta Data in Australia, but what does that mean for you the user.

It means that the Australian Government is keeping deep enough level logs of every piece of internet usage that every single Australian is doing and has done. And its not doing it to spy directly on you, its using it to collect a formulated opinion of you, and will use that information in defining that picture.

Today you are starting to see Artificial Intelligence tell Police Officers what to do, with these unlawful Fixated Persons Units popping up in every State of Australia.

Without legislation, these units were formed inside the Anti Terrorism Squads of the States Police Force and are self admitted Pre Crime Units. What this means is that they monitor your Phones, Internet Connections and Internet usage in a bid to get you for crimes you havent yet committed.

Fixated Persons Units have admitted that this is what they do point blank.

They spy on you, in a bid to get you before you have committed a crime. Australians now live in a world of Pre Recognition like the Tom Cruise Movie Minority Report.

This documentary demonstrates that this is what Global Governance is all about.

This has far reaching consequences when you look at the Social System being implemented throughout China today. Chinese residents unable to participate in certain things due to their ranking by Chinese Officials through Pre Crime examination.

With the United Nations in arbitration of these countries, they too seek a one world governing system of the nations that have become insolvent under its arbitration. Only yesterday they declared their want for a One World Government to deal with the crisis that they themselves have created.

The United Nations speaks of Rule of Law which is founded in the King of Australia and not a foreign body external to this United Kingdom of Australia forged by ANZAC and headed by King George V.

What is clear is that the people of Australia expect their Servants to continue to Master them as they complain about the finance sector and the failing economy. An economy they relied on from the credit systems of the world without consideration for what Private Wealth actually is.

The world is becoming further enslaved by these psychopathic leaders who believe that the people of the world are incapable of looking after themselves. The United Nations speaks of a Deficit of Multilateral Solutions, although what it really means is that no country can afford to pay another, due to the oligarchy or 1% claiming ownership of all.

Biblically you have reached the Flood, and Noah at this point had considered building an Ark to float through the flood. The question really remains, are the people ready to float away from this machine so they can anchor to holy ground.

Will they defend the very prison that keeps them locked in, or will they believe the government line of their Public Servants that keeping you safe is your Servants job. Daniel Andrews would have you believe that decimating the economy and locking you all down is for your own safety.

He just wont admit that he is using the Victorian Police to spy on you and determine through pre crime AI that you might be a risk, and of course, enter your homes, smash your car windows, smash your front doors in, shoot at your elderly, and more…

Is all for your Safety!