Being Silenced

While the people continue to argue in the controversary of the current State of Affairs world wide. It seems that Steven cannot get a voice online at all in the current day.

Ever since the Red Ensign was raised in every Capital City in the Country on the true Australia Day being the last Friday of July each year, the 31st of July 2020 saw many stand and raise the flag in commemoration of the ANZAC who fought and died for the Imperial Crown, that silencing has been used.

It started with Facebook blocking seven accounts over the years, three of which had the maximum 5000 followers, after which their Artificial Intelligence started to limit the posts from being seen by you the people also using the platform.

Many of Stevens viewers complained that his work was not getting shown, even when linking directly to the wall or page of his account.

Facebook in the last months has cancelled three accounts, and as reported previously, one of them in less than 24 hours. The last attempt saw the system just deny access altogether without actually being able to finish the creation of the account before being blocked.

YouTube is now making it very difficult by stopping Steven from being able to comment on videos across the platform, including videos not relative to the media and government lie.

When logging in to YouTube the content being shown is becoming worse and worse in relation to the relativity of Steves past actions. This may have something to do with Steven no longer using Google Drive to post web sites and access GMail for non relative communications.

All in all, Steven is finding that there is a concerted effort to silence his News, Media and Opinions on Socialist Media platforms that the general populations are so hooked into.

What are you supposed to do when these platforms are the mainstay of the online communication arena and they do not let you have a voice at all because you go outside of their Company Policy they call Community Standards.

What they mean is, the Company does not agree with your voice and because of that it cannot allow you to use the Company’s services because it goes outside of the Company’s Agenda.

Does Facebook have an agenda to lie? What about YouTube?

They openly let organised media to post multiple times a day even when that media is proven to be Fake News and constructed liars. Steven caught out Channel Nine and Channel Seven in Australia going out of their way to pump lies through main stream news that is pushed into peoples homes by them on behalf of this Australian Government.

We can emphatically state that Channel Nine and Channel Seven Australia ARE FAKE NEWS. This is a given. It has been proven, and to the extent of using the Victorian Police to force mask someone in the Kings Domain after celebrations had ended specifically for nightly news fear porn. The question is, was the person force masked a State Actor, or were they some poor sod walking in the Kings Domain that got swept up into it for the propaganda that was spewed out into peoples lounge rooms by this Fake News Media.

When Government participates in the creation of Fake News, and then allows it to be pushed into peoples homes by nightly news on their televisions how do you oppose this falsehood. You just simply cannot compete with organised State Terrorism of this kind.

They push fear porn into you constantly in a bid for the population to tow the party line of doing what they are told and never questioning the actions of Governments both State and Federal while these governments trample out any rights the people may have had.

We can see this by the attack on Victorians, and the desecration of the Kings Domain wherein A Kingdom of Australia was founded out of the blood spilt across the world by ANZAC forging by Self Determination their spirit.

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Facebookers continue to stroke their egos as they pull their phones out of their pockets believing they are changing the world by providing Artificial Intelligence built into these platforms knowledge of everything they are and do. This leaves nobody to stand united on a specific topic or reference, it seems as though there is always someone trying to prove you wrong instead of standing up with you.

There is not much one can do when they are silenced by the platforms that are outwardly portraying to be new generation when they silence the very voice of that generation and artificially feed you fake news and useless crap to view. Its not intelligent, its the dumbing down of a society into TikTok and Instagram videos where your childrens minds are fed by the idiocracy of what they watch.

Instead of education, the world is being fed edumcation and disregarding the facts in a purely emotion based reaction. You cannot compete with the general consumer wanting to be fed bullshit. They obviously enjoy it regardless of whether it leads to their very demise as a people by a structured and pervasive co-operative that pleases the government line because thats what its Company Policy defines.

It is the opinion of Steven that the world is lost in a overflow of retarded crap, and instead of addressing the flood of falsities, the people lap it up as entertainment.

One should really question. Why are certain people being silenced, while these platforms promote anything false, and push it at their users allowing controversy and argument to take precedent over fact.

You cant listen to the silenced can you. You join massive corporate structures with Company Policy hell bent on pushing their ideals on you through their massive Artificially Intelligenced Systems.

Fake News is more than just the media pushing lies. It becomes a part of whats in your pocket, your phone, and it targets you specifically as a node of their network, it uses all your data, and it helps government perform assessment on who is what and what is who.

Question is. How long will the people allow it to go on? How long will you accept being lied to by platforms that control the minds of the masses in a bid to stop the masses speaking up against a controlling minority and will you allow your children’s minds to be manipulated by it?

Steven can say one thing, it sure is tiring to compete with it when the people lap it up like kittens and milk.


  1. How correct u must be Steven ✌️✌️✌️ !

    If you were just talking shit, like most people, your shit would still be on every social medics platform!!

    Someone or many someone’s who have been doing very very bad things to the people are certainly in fear of the people waking up to the absolute shitfuckery they have been told.

    I Awoke a few years ago , but everyday I’m waking up more & more !! I really do not know what is real anymore , as most things I have been taught are a big fat lie!!
    If the state coroners can’t follow their own legislation…. why should I .. especially this Covid crap !!

    Excuse me but why is the CORONA VIRUS 🦠 ON OUR AUSTRALIAN NEW $5, 10 & $20 notes ?? Especially when they were printed in 2018 & 2019 & 2020 …. 🤔
    So our money new about CORONA COVID 19 before we did .. why it’s so so amazing 😉

    • What you belive to be carona virus on the money is actually Anti Counterfeit Devices. Try photocopying the money. It wont let a photocopier do it.

  2. Thank you Steven you have red pilled many and as slow as we may be we’re on board.
    So much research to do and re-learn and de-programme as well.
    Keep up the good work with love from those who know you know 🙂

  3. Steven Spiers
    You are a very special individual,
    You have been blessed with the amazing capacity to see into reality through the clouds of misdirection.
    You should know that our Royal subjects are meeting on a regular basis getting to know each other and concrete our communities. You have inspired many, and many more will come, we have all been placed in this time for a specific purpose. And your purpose is very clear.
    Your people need you
    Your people respect yoy

  4. Steven, i found you just before you got taken off YouTube recently.
    Are you on any other platforms your videos are one of a kind!

    • I cant get on platforms. Facebook AI is blocking me from even creating an account. They get shutdown immediately. YouTube is blocking comments and removing videos. And most other platforms are difficult to deal with. That is why a Blog was created. This is a bit more than just wanting to blog. It seems its the only way to get a voice, is by owning my voice myself and not relying on Socialist Media Platforms. I have put in quite a bit of work lately to try and get some ground work in place to continue to publish news, media and opinions.

  5. Hang in there Steven, don’t lose hope, not all of us are lapping up the milk… continue to have faith, you may not reach all, but you definitely have reached quite a few.

    regards Sue

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