Break the Silence

It was once said that if you dont want the hassles and troubles of copyright, then one should own their own media. This is the biggest reason to post on my own blog in the third persona.

To give you an indication of how much you are being spied on, Steven went out of his way to purchase a two year subscription with NordVPN based in Panama and acclaimed by many in the media industry.

At a cost of $124 Australian Dollars for two years of account, NordVPN is a Private Network interface that has over 90 locations world wide from which to imitate your access from.

An account for email was created at ProtonMail in Switzerland, an email service provider that encrypts email traffic as well as providing free and paid solutions for webmail.

From a VPN location in Switzerland, using a email service based in Switzerland while logging in from Chromium a trace free browser. A Farcebook account was again attempted to be setup only this time no email was received by ProtonMail.

Facebook didnt even send an email this time, as soon as the button to join was clicked the following message came up blocking all access to the platform.

Why is this happening you might ask, how would a platform like Facebook know what was going on. The truth of the matter is, that Facebook is knee deep with the Government and only gets to play the way it does by having analytics and artificial intelligence that collects immense amounts of data. Governments would not let social media become so powerful without getting something in return.

Tim Kendall knows all about that Artificial Intelligence having worked for Facebook, Amazon and a host of other Silicon Valley tech companies.

In June of 2006, Tim got the opportunity to enter Facebook and was handed the responsibility of monetizing the business. Therefore, for about five years, he worked on product strategy and expansion for the site’s revenue-generating products.

When before Americas House Committee on Energy and Commerce made stark statements in relation to the purposeful aims by Facebook to make it addictive to keep users vested interest.

“The social media services that I and others have built over the past 15 years have served to tear people apart with alarming speed and intensity,” Tim Kendall stated in his opening testimony. “At the very least, we have eroded our collective understanding — at worst, I fear we are pushing ourselves to the brink of a civil war.” As director of monetization, he added, “We sought to mine as much attention as humanly possible… We took a page form Big Tobacco’s playbook, working to make our offering addictive at the outset.”

The main point here is that Facebook is collecting information by various means to collate data in databases that can then be used by Artificial Intelligence to make predictions and build pictures up on its users and possibly directly for Governments.

This information collection includes the voluntary submission by users of their private information but also includes facial recognition of video and photos uploaded and created live to the platform.

There are few alternatives to the Facebook user that offer no spying or data collection, although it should be noted that Facebook is usually buying out other platforms to increase its technology and also owns Instagram which is popular with the youth of today.

Would you let your children use these platforms knowing that they are collecting data about them for use against them into the future. Would you allow Artificial Intelligence to control what they see and manipulate their thoughts by showing them an agenda through posts and videos known by its Artificial Intelligence.

With younger and younger people using the internet and having access to mobile phone it should also be made aware to parents that many of this application require a mobile phone number to gain access.

Even GMail now requires you to enter a Mobile Phone Number to gain access to an account, and with its technologies on Geo Location and Geo Mapping can now follow your children more than you can.

The current world needs to re-evaluate the way it interacts online and decide. Does it want to be traced, tracked and spied on by technology companies that have more influence and power than Governments. Are you prepared to follow this path knowing that the currency and monies that you use in the real world turning to blockchain and linked direct to the Reserve Banks of the world.

We are entering an era where the cage is not seen, but sees all of you more than you see yourselves. Is this something you all wish to do, or are you going to change it.

Steven being blocked on Facebook is an interesting thing, so he has had to look at alternatives. You can now find Steven on MeWe.

If you would like to watch the videos and content, join in and get rid of the Spybook.


Steven is doing what he can to inform the viewers and readers of his work and to be able to do that requires a little of your support to increase the services on this web site to be able to provide videos direct instead of using Socialist Media platforms that continually shut out the information.