Dont Want It?

It seems that no matter how much it is demonstrated to the people what is going on in their country, nobody wants to step up to the plate and do something about it other than discuss their own demise as a Commonwealth of Australia.

Whether it be the Land Flag vs the Admiralty Flags, or the Great Seal and the change of entity that it seals for, or the Police, Policy and its enforcement under Statutory Laws instead of Gods Will and Testament, people only want to discuss their own demise.

What has become abundently clear through Victorian lock downs and the Freedom Day Protests is that no matter how much you explain to the people what is going on, they go right back to arguing who is right and cannot act in the line of authority that their Anzac gave them.

From flying flags that have nothing to do with the country, to displaying coats of arms and calling them seals at law, the people demonstrate that they have only got the ability to be a scattered pack of whining fools that let their ego take control of them instead of standing in the unity and lawful authority laid down by those ANZAC after losing their lives to the number of 62,000 sons of this Commonwealth of Australia that did not come home.

Australians are lost sheep, so lost they cannot unite as they argue with each other what is correct. They are called “woke” while they still remain in slumber, not awakening to the truth at all.

Clearly it would be better to be a united people, with a grounding authority that has the ability to challenge the Administrative Governance that has continued to walk all over everybody. But in that failure to find that grounding, constantly arguing it every single day, the controversy they love so much keeps them disjointed causing their very failure to unite.

Everyone can agree that this Australian Government is a liar, has ignored the rights of people, literally walking all over peoples rights in full military force with Horses, Armed Police and Police that outnumber the complaining protestors three to one.

It becomes very clear that when you are being outnumbered three to one in your own Kings Domain attempting to protest the State of Victoria you are not seeing that you are people of a Commonwealth crying to free a State instead of returning to the Commonwealth itself.

The States and Federal politicians have demonstrated that they do not listen to the people, and the Police in Victoria have demonstrated that they will use full military force against Australians even though they are sons of this Commonwealth as well. You have a small group of people issuing orders to a larger number who then go out and attack their very own countrymen by “just following” those orders.

Yet this doesnt sink into the peoples heads, as they go and repeat the same nonsense over and over expecting to change what is essentially a Foreign Military Occupation and Administration of your State and Federal Affairs because you cannot stand up as a Commonwealth of Australia united against it.

What has become abundantly clear is that the people of Australia can unite for a sporting event, create chants and shout loudly in support of their teams, yet they cannot do the same thing for their very own unity and lifestyles as a Commonwealth people.

Not so long ago the people of this country supported their local districts, played sport for the district and defended their towns. Yet today all the people can do is follow the beck and call of politicians and policy enforcers who have demonstrated that they dont care to listen to you in return.

You dont want to put your heads up for fear of being smacked like the children you act like. Instead of standing up for the inheritance given you by ANZAC you instead pay the taxes, follow the rules and play the game of a system of law that was introduced into your Commonwealth of Australia in 1973.

And because you fear doing something about it, somehow believing you cant, you end up arguing with each other about facts that you seem to only know a little about. The most obvious problem seen is the arguing of Flags and their colours without the knowledge of other parts such as the Great Seal and the introduction of a Foreign “Australia” as an entity setup to emulate and mimic the Commonwealth of Australia.

In doing this people stand in the Kings Domain holding United Kingdom of Great Britain, United States of America and Foreign Australian Admiralty Flags not realising that Lighthorseman carried Land Flags into Battles where they lost their lives to define who you are as a people on a world stage. You desecrate the Kings Domain completely by dishonouring their sacrifice so that you could have a freedom you are now seeing lost because of your own actions.

The people of the Commonwealth of Australia abandoned that Commonwealth and instead defend or argue over an Administration Government that setup here before 1973 and eventually sacked the entire Parliament and moved in, in their place.

It cant be said any clearer that you have abandoned the inheritance left by your forefathers as tribal peoples, families united as men, to become a Commonwealth of Australia. It cant be said any clearer that you have used a Reserve Currency supply that created the National and State Debts in the first place. And it cannot be said any clearer that these are the main causes for your loss of freedoms.

It is up to you as a people to realise you no longer stand in a Commonwealth of Australia and are treated by States as Wards of those States as an Administration Federal Government holds your sovereignty as a people from you.

It is very clear that this Administrative Australian Government has done everything in its power to undermine your Rule of Law and Line of Authority including attempting from inside the office of the Federal Executive Counsel itself to turn you into a Republic. Normally this would be considered a direct act of Treason as per King Vs Casement 1917 but they are an Administrative Power, and have controlled Rule of Law in your lack of comprehending you no longer hold a Line of Authority as a people.

You gave that authority up to International Bankers who then took everything you owned as a people as surety for the debts, including your childrens futures as they tell you to your faces that they will be enslaved by debts until past the year 2080.

Instead of standing up in a lawful capacity, displaying a land flag and showing a strength of unity. Instead of refusing to participate in the RBA scam and ponzie scheme that is taking your wealth and assets. Instead of demanding answers from those in positions of power. The people go off whining like children in the very Kings Domain that would give them that authority if they only saw it and stopped questioning every single part of it.

It takes faith. Faith in each other. Faith to stand as one people to speak one voice of truth. It takes that unity to demand answers, yet this one simple truth cannot be found.

Surrounded by lies, and being pushed propaganda and being purposely fed useless information on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube the people endlessly revolve around in circles never looking at a solution. It seems that you have found your freedoms on the internet instead of in real life where you can do the complete opposite of being free where you ban people from your segregated groups.

Until this is realised, and real meaningful unity starts to show itself across the lands of this country it is very clear that the people will remain scattered and the genuine faith and loyalty to the Commonwealth of Australia will remain lost or hidden for many more years to come.

Instead of being that One People, under One Flag, under One Commonwealth the ego of some, divides, and they confuse people with oaths to dead people, displaying Great Seals long past, and cause a division they cant even see they do, unless its all on purpose to divide a people from success.

With Twitter being shown to manipulate peoples thoughts by what they see, and Facebook being shown to manipulate what people are shown while they spy on your messages and posts for Governments, its very obvious that the fluoride has worked while the people continue to lap up their services in a belief that is all there is on the internet.

You will remain united in an ether world instead of a real world, where that unity is nothing but false. You’ll continue to block peoples points of views, copy their information, preach false facts and display ego while you try to clamber to the top.

Instead of being the Brothers in Arms, under the Coat of Arms of Australia flying the Flag of your ANZAC its become clearer everyday, that the people prefer the controversy and hidden worlds of the Ether and have an inability to stand in the lineage given to them by their forefathers.

And while Australia chooses to do these things. The United Nations keeps control of the Arbitration of this countries assets, and the politicians continue to undermine the very line of authority that was died for by 62,000 Australian Tribal Men and Families.

The question then becomes, how much longer will the Australian people keep the charade up. How much longer will they feel self important and self entitled before they realise they must stand up together as a people for God, King and Country before they leave their children to clean up a mess that they have created by remaining controversial online and silent in the real world about what they have lost.

The pictures on this post demonstrate the lack of knowledge, unity and grace left for you by ANZAC as you all continue to scramble your egos to the top.

And in doing that, you are all leaving your children with debts that this government along with the United Nations will control well into the 22nd Century. Its very clear that over the last 50 years of Administration they have not wanted to take you out of those debts, continually creating more debts and blaming you as consumers of the bread crumbs they provide while they take your real wealth.

Its up to you as a people to see this problem. And then you might change the way you act, the way you stand up and the way you unite together as one people, under one flag, for one Commonwealth instead of arguing with a State for your freedom like slaves that want their chains loosened.

So the real question is, will you do it for those that inherit after you, your children, and their unborn children? The very ones you have left a debt to for the next 60-80 years. Or are you going to continue the selfish, instead of becoming selfless?


  1. Dear Steve.
    Only ‘found you’ yesterday, via I think Dawn Kelley, and I can’t thank you both enough for your contributions.
    I’ll definitely be sharing your site with family & friends even knowing I’ll receive flack as being a conspiracy theorist. But I don’t care about that. I care about my country & all who live here.
    Many thanks once again.
    Sherlock of the Lean family 👍

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