The Single Parent Problem

Many of you have experienced a break up or a divorce, and had a problem trying to be a parent to your own children. Not many of you see this as a problem to the very country you live in, and the future of it. Many attempt to destroy the family unit, especially in patriarchy, without comprehension of what they are doing because they have been mind manipulated by education, television, advertising, gaming and more.

In saying this, these things by themselves are not bad, everyone needs an education, some entertainment, but at what expense.

Most people dont comprehend what the Common Law actually is, and they go and create Common Law Courts in complete ignorance of the fact that what is Common to all is in God. What this means is Common Law is in the Family Estate. If you look up the Supreme Court Act of Queensland from the 1800’s youll see that the Common Law is relative to the Executor of the Family Estate, something you all abandoned by being the Person of the State.

The Single Parent Problem is by government by design, it is the very reason why police target men and support women to divide families. The patriarchal estate is in your fathers name, it is why you carry on the family name from generation to generation. To be protesting “down with the patriarchy” is to shout out “down with my bloodline” in complete ignorance of what this government is doing to you.

We have already discussed how Social Media has manipulated the minds of your families, and how controversy takes a precedence over community in these so called “online communities” where you become netizens instead of subjects of your Realm in the real world. All of it is designed to divide your own families, make your children disrespect the executor position and strive for their own in absence of the security of their ancestors.

So we must look at the Family Unit and how it fits in with society and the common laws under faith. Without that Patriarchy or even a Matriarchal family you are in essence killing off your own family name in the process and by doing so you are enabling governments to manage you as Wards of State.

This problem is rife, and the only way to fix it is to stand united as heads of your households and challenge the governments position as executors of your own family estate. The solution is to stand united in the words “united in a Federal Commonwealth” as in the Engineers Case 1920, but here is the kicker, standing as Executors of your own Households and not as Citizens of a Foreign Power.

God gave you law, to teach you how to return back to the inheritance. He gave you magistrates and judges to challenge you on that knowledge and help you to awaken to the fact you are under their guardianship. Its up to you to stand as Executor.


The Single Parent Problem is relative to the Family Court of Australia, which was introduced in 1974 after they removed your right of Executorship in the Australian Citizenship Acts 1973. If you read the act the United Nations became your Guardian, and the land under your feet became a United Nations Trust Territory. Meaning as Guardians, they put everything in Trust, and then became Trustees of your Estates.

As Trustees, while you are under their Guardianship, they therefore manage directly your family estates, and they issue you fines, and fees as management of that estate and failure to comply with that administration.

Parental Rights are relative to this Family Estate. Quick and Garren in the Annotated Constitution made this very clear under Section 203 wherein they state that at Common Law a father is entitled to the custody of the child at its mothers breast. The father is the executor of the family estate, and the child became heir and successor to that title. It is the position of executor of the estate to which the government cannot interfere.

As we have explained, the Common Law is relative to this position as Executor over your Family Affairs. Once you became a Persona, a Ward of State you gave up that role as Executor to be under their Guardianship. This is why the Family Court gets involved. Created in the year after “Australia” was created in 1973/1974, the Family Court has divided thousands of Australian Families by helping the woman defeat the Office of Executor to which she herself has access as wife and co-executor or executrix.

Voting is also relative to this problem as well. Womens Suffrage is related to the loss of the Executor Position in which Husband and Wife are co-executors under Gods Will. Biblically you are both one, in office of executor of the family estate.

The vote in days gone, was relative to the household, and the executor would place the vote for the entire household. When that executor position was claimed by the Government you lost that role and became Wards of State, technically with no vote at all. If you look at todays society, it is the reason why you have this government using plebiscites to push new constitutional laws instead of allowing the people proper referendum. The people are not united in a Federal Commonwealth, instead they are citizens of this machine.

This single parent problem has far reaching consequences, and harms your country directly. The Family Court 1974 was introduced specifically to divide your country and you embrace it in your own selfishness. And when you do this it costs everyone involved, both sides lose, they end up paying tens of thousands to the system to have the system divide their estate.

You can see by Quick and Garren that AT THE COMMON LAW the father as executor of the family estate has the right. He oversees the Will of the Family Estate. What most feminists dont realise here is that the Office of Executor must follow the rules of the Will. You have abandoned the Family Will and Testimony in preference of selfishness and in-divide-you-all-ism.

Are you a single father that has had this right taken from you. Are you a single mother who had a father abandon the estate leaving you with child. You both have the same rights here at Common Law. But alas, you are failing to get to that Common Law together. God told you, where two or three stand, God is with you. That meant two or three households, executors standing up and speaking for their house.

If you are a father, or mother who has had their children taken from them, with govco and police supporting the other partner in complete bias of the facts then you have an opportunity in that united Federal Commonwealth to stand up and demand that the Guardian return to your family estate everything in trust. Including your children. The children are the property of the family estate, the families god, they are not the property of the State, nor are they free willed, being under the age of consent. They inherit from the family estate, you have to consider the position that has been given up in place of this State Persona.

The idea of this post is to make you aware of the problem. You are under guardianship of the State. Treated as Wards of State, under State Legislations. You are not under the Common Law as per the Judiciary Act 1903 Section 80 and the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act July 1900 under the blessing of Almighty God.

You might now see how that blessing reaches into your own family, your own estate, and how you as father hand down that inheritance by will of god too.

If the family court has excluded you due to costs, or you have spent your life savings in a court in a bid to get access to what is specifically your estate, then you might want to join and stand up and start acting as the Executor of that Estate. It is in this that the power against this Guardianship will be cancelled. You need to realise this part. You return to your family estates, or you remain under the States Guardianship and their law.

You might start to see now, how chasing the lawtard game has failed all of you, in your own selfishness you failed to look at the very thing that was lost, the right of Executorship. You might start to see now, that the Government is the very cause of all your problems having become guardian in your ignorance. But then, your ignorance is the cause isnt it.

Given that this Guardian Government wants to take you to war, and continue to manage your family estate, the timing now couldnt be more appropriate for fathers and mothers to step up to that role, stand united in that Federal Commonwealth, stand united in God and be that two or three standing, and finally shut down the Family Court of Australia 1973 forever, because it is a fraud and a lie and has been specifically divisive of families so that the Government can maintain access to the family asset, the estate itself and the slice it owns in the Commonwealth.

This family problem, that many of you face, might be the very reason you might want to stand up. It might be the reason to stand with God, so that you can return to that Executor position and demand of this Government the return of your family estate, including the right of executorship over your very own children.


To all those single mothers that used the system to fuck over your former partner because you are selfish and you believe the child is yours. You are the one that cuts off the father, and denies access to his family. You are the cause of all the problems you have in the country that you blame on government when you are the one that removed the right of executor and GAVE IT TO THE GOVERNMENT. You gave your children away, and that is why the state moves in and claims and takes your children away from you.







Biblically you abandoned your family estate and the partiarchal bloodline that named your children in that ancestry. And because of that, when men stand up again and take that Executor role. They arent going to want to know you. You are not only the divider of family, you are the corrupter of nations.

Isaiah 4:1 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach

And in this you fucked your country up, you gave an administrator government, an imposter in your land that came here to manage the debts you took on through the International Mechanisms. You gave them the full right over your children and your estates.

Hopefully this post will show you where the fight is, and how you can define a Police Officer to be outside of his jurisdiction. You are not his ward of state. You are executor of your family estate under the blessing of Almighty God. Its now up to you to define what that blessing actually means. And im here to tell you, its a very practical and real creation that you are supposed to create by following the bibles commands.

This should open your eyes up to how these Ministers and their families get away with so much, while holding you to account all the time. It should demonstrate why Jacqui Lambie called you all Plebs while walking through the Parliament. It might explain the Plebiscite. Are they acting as Patricians here. Its very obvious that they are. After all they are Papist Romans arent they.

The bottom line here is this.

If you want to fix your country, you are going to need to look at the family estate and stand in the role as executor under the will of the estate. We need to address the problem of Vesting Laws in Estates and how governments are killing your bloodlines by legislating vesting laws to fold up the estate after 80 years. Not even one lifetime. How do estates like the Rothschilds last for over 400 years. Its because they are not under vesting laws, and the role of executor is vested in the heir.

Revelation 19:16 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
16 And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

In other words, the executor was vested with the estate. To vest means to confer or bestow (power, authority, property, etc.) on someone. That power being the right of the role of executor. The Gods of your Father are the ancestors, your bloodline, in the case of the country, its your ANZAC, your countries bloodlines.

This post was designed to wake you up. It was designed to show you what you lost. You are all fighting for freedom, you are not fighting to return to what you lost, and in that, you lose. You dont regain what you lost to administrators who guardian you.

Now to all those single fathers and mothers missing out on their children. I am one of them. Its part of the reason why I stood up so strong in the first place. And now that I have woken many of you up to this problem, maybe, just maybe, we can start to stand up together and put the government back in its place.

We can take our roles as Executors, and turn them back into our Servants again. We can only do this by reclaiming what was lost, not fighting for something new.

The Single Family Problem might bring you together, give you a reason to stand up to this government. It might give you reason to define loyalties in your bloodlines and allegiances between bloodlines for the Commonwealth of Australia. It might give you a reason to be communities again based around the congregations that your technical Parish Boundaries are.

This might also show you the role of the King of that Commonwealth limited by the Will and Testimony of the Fathers. He is executor of the larger family we call the Commonwealth of Australia. This puts the Public Servants in the Role of Trustee to the Executor and you in the role of Beneficiary of Gods Will.

You gave up those Beneficial Rights in the blessing of Almighty God to be individual. Question now becomes, are you willing to stand up and reclaim that Beneficial Interest that belongs to all of you? Are you willing to become self determined and execute the affairs of your estate? Are you willing to unite your houses under that blessing?

Last word, just in case you want to rant and rave. This isnt a fight, its a growing up. You dont need to fight the government, you need to stand up in self determination.


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  1. Genesis 43:33 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
    33 And they sat before him, the firstborn according to his birthright, and the youngest according to his youth: and the men marvelled one at another.

    Just so you are clear on Gods Word. Your Estate is vested in the firstborn. And the youngest sets up the gates to the estate. What this means is that you are creating BY WILL AND TESTIMONY the handing down of the HEAD ROLE OF YOUR BLOODLINE ESTATE.

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