Many of you already know the work of Steven through interacting with him on Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter and other online services. Over the years he has had many of these accounts blocked out or closed down altogether.

Socialist Media like these web sites have corporate agendas and use Artificial Intelligence to target the individual treating them as nodes to their AI Networks. This becomes a negative thing in the reality of truth and remains part of the reason why Steven is so outspoken, his work has been in Information Technology most of his life.

Born in Transvaal in South Africa, under registration with the British Consular General, Steven moved to Australia when he was seven years old. Growing up in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, his life surrounded in adventure and travel.

Working mostly in Information Technology, Steven ran has run his own business, making for a wide variety of installations and consultations to a wide variety of customers including Warehouses, Factories and Offices.

Steven is a proficient Systems Administrator, Programmer and Engineer of sorts having worked with computers all his life, he has managed server systems for both the public and private sectors including work inside government.

He has also worked in manufacture of CD, DVDS, music, video, and photography having been fortunate to work with some big names along the way.

A passion for travel by road, adventure has been high on Stevens agenda, going out to do things others wouldnt dare to do. In 2008, Steven set off on a trip around Australia, in a rebuilt 1975 Leyland Mini S with a Racing 1000 built motor.

This came to an abrupt stop in the Northern Territory in Kakadu National Park, flipping the car into the air like a penny nose first into the ground and then five times over its roof.

While injured, and while going through matters involving his employer in the courts, Steven began to discover more about the country in books and legal papers. His knowledge of country had turned from visiting it all, to reading how it came into existence and learning its foundations.

Over the last decade he has helped many Australians comprehend the situation they find themselves in, but has also helped them to comprehend the situation in the country itself.

Steven is currently preparing to open a bakery in the post Plandemic situation with the last piece of the puzzle being a location at which to do business.

His passion for adventure hasnt faded, with travels most recently through the Daintree, Cooktown and the coasts of Far North Queensland.

Slowing down a little, reflection can be made over the last thirty years of looking around the country and discovering its past histories and current situations.

Hope you enjoy the News, Media and Opinions.

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