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Moonrise – P...

Stuck. That’s all that one could say about the situation. As the colors of darkness returned again, the cycle of lightness and darkness had become obvious to the wayfarer. Stuck without movement struggling to find focus, the light and dark had removed his ability to see, the colors of darkness became a fog in his […]

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Haze Part III

The darkness fell as the Questioneer, now silenced, realizing he had become the Fool. He had been blinded by the light as he found himself upon high, as he reached out trying to steady his feet, the current seas pulled back in waves, as if the reverse of a tidal wave leaving the Questioneer without […]

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Sunrise – Pa...

Did you see the rising of the sun across the waters of the world said the Questioneer as the current sea brought him past the Fool on the Hill again. The Fool laughed this time, asking in return if the Questioneer had time to question what he saw before him? Did you see a reflection, […]

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Move Mountains ...

Can you move mountains it was asked. And upon pondering the premise of moving a physical mountain it was indeed answered with a resounding no, but alas thought had taken place and instead of answering no, it was indeed possible to move mountains having discovered what they allegorically were. In this state of wanting, it […]

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Deep End First

With our leaving the legal aspects of lawtarding behind, many of you have realised by now that the Scripture forms the foundations of the country we live in with ANZAC forming a part of the Trinity that becomes the Gods of our Fathers. We can see through Isaiah that this system of governance that is […]

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