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The Corporate Pers...

Most of you use the internet without any consideration that you are walking through the doors of a private and registered corporate personality. At law we have all come to learn that Corporations are Persons, and that you as a Man have a Corporate Personality or Mask you use to enter into the realms of […]

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Admit Facts 3

What we have established in the first seven points is that an oath is not to be taken lightly, and that to have taken one puts the taker under obligations associated with that oath. We have established that when it comes to the Commonwealth of Australia, that oath is founded in a Scriptural blessing of […]

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Admit Facts 2

3. God is defined as the trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This seems to be pretty straight forward, most people can come to this conclusion that they know of the Son, Father and Holy Ghost or Spirit. The ideal has been educated into your brains subtly through imagery and the […]

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Admit Facts 1

Along with the 13 Constitution Questions that have been raised and to date been without answers. There are a number of supporting facts to demonstrate and clarify the position or standing in questioning the 13 Constitutional Matters. The only way we are going to be able to define the facts as they stand, is by […]

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A Good Scout 2

Being a good scout is not just about “being prepared” as Baden Powell had put it, the good scout is also aware of the world around him (or her for a Guide). This might include the finer things in life that exist in different cultures. Culture is more than just claiming a border and being […]

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A Good Scout 1

So, we change tack a little. And make you look at yourself a little more too. Your origins dont matter here. This is not about where you came from, how hard you work, how much you get paid all that superficial crap is pointless here. To know this Realm is a little more than knowing […]

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What is very clear is that as a people that you are not identifying as. You are not projecting numbers, ie, how many of you there are and where the support is the strongest. Biblically, we look through Genesis and the creation of a world or realm or country wherein the dove signifies a land […]

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Foreign Crown

A Foreign Crown invaded and occupied your country and you have argued continuously for 40 years with that foreign crown wondering why it doesnt treat you fair and in accordance with Common Law. Yet, you still argue whether its foreign or not. It is very clear that to succeed on a world scale where you […]

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Magistrate Mocks G...

They may or may not realise why a transcript of the proceedings was asked for at the end of the proceedings. It might because you mocked the very oath you took and the very foundations in that oath your complete ignorance of what foundations were laid. And that is the problem many of these magistrates […]

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No Sins Required

Most of you are not aware of the fact that Steven has been defending against the State of Queensland within the Magistrates Court of Queensland over matters of jurisdiction relative to the foundations of the Commonwealth of Australia and the lineage retained by the State of Queensland in that Commonwealth. Before we look at what […]

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Facts Part 47

We come to an end of our Facts White Paper. After a few weeks of publishing, we will collate everything into a final white paper along with some extra images to support the published facts. These questions, although posed, are not concrete in their answers given that a form of nescience may be present. Everything […]

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Facts Part 46

Question 13: Application of the Treaty of Versailles 1919 and the declarations of Peace as an independent Nation leading to the Imperial Conference 1926 and Proclamation as separate Realm in 1927. Answer 13: In conjunction with Question 12 which already details the chain of events leading through the Armistice that followed the Great War 1914-1918 […]

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