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Magistrate Mocks G...

They may or may not realise why a transcript of the proceedings was asked for at the end of the proceedings. It might because you mocked the very oath you took and the very foundations in that oath your complete ignorance of what foundations were laid. And that is the problem many of these magistrates […]

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No Sins Required

Most of you are not aware of the fact that Steven has been defending against the State of Queensland within the Magistrates Court of Queensland over matters of jurisdiction relative to the foundations of the Commonwealth of Australia and the lineage retained by the State of Queensland in that Commonwealth. Before we look at what […]

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The Single Parent ...

Many of you have experienced a break up or a divorce, and had a problem trying to be a parent to your own children. Not many of you see this as a problem to the very country you live in, and the future of it. Many attempt to destroy the family unit, especially in patriarchy, […]

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