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Freedom is Slavery

What, you are mad you might be saying. Let me put you into a thought process. Is your freedom the impact of someone else’s oppression? Let me put the scope on this. Is your habits impacting your neighbour the same as a manufacturer impacting a neighbourhood? Your freedom is a balance of not taking someone […]

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Facts Part 42

Question 9: Application of the Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 1942 installed mid World War 2 and the actions of Robert Menzies former Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia during 1939 and relative to the action of Treason to the Realm of the Holy See of Australia. Answer 9: The Commonwealth of Australia participated […]

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Poverty Fast

When currencies were first introduced into the Colonies of Australia, multiple Gold and Silver Coinages were used, although Rum was also widely accepted for payment of goods and services. After the War of 1812, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland signed the Treaty of Ghent coming to Peace with the United States of […]

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Humanity vs Mankin...

Most people disregard the bible as the foundational law of countries around the world. They also confuse God for a sky daddy instead of the Son, Forefathers and the Holy Spirit of those that defended and created the boundaries of that country. We can see in Genesis, meaning creation, that God is a group of […]

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Tracking Money

Most Australians are scared of the whole INDUE Card scenario, but most do not realise what a blockchain currency coming direct from the Reserve Bank of Australia can trace every transaction made with that electronic coin. Bitcoin demonstrates the blockchain technology and the RBA is advancing its research and technology when it comes to Blockchain. […]

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ARC Over

ARC or the committee that once was the Australian Royal Counsel has completed what it set out to do and is now being shut down. With a goal of research to comprehend the biblical text and its relevance to the Kings Domain in Melbourne, Australia, is now being closed down. The research of the White […]

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Lemon Socialism

We have all watched as the Australian Government handed out what is known as Helicopter Cash, and it continues to do so by supplementing JobKeeper and JobSeeker payment supplements to the one million plus people that it forced onto Centrelink. But many arent aware that Mortgage Holidays have come to an end, and the big […]

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