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Yet Still

You have all the answers, yet still the defamation continues. You might want to be careful about what you post, eyes and ears are everywhere. If you want to believe stories that get passed around by people that have no idea of the truth. Then you might want to be careful about DEFAMATION LAW SUITS. […]

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A Good Scout 2

Being a good scout is not just about “being prepared” as Baden Powell had put it, the good scout is also aware of the world around him (or her for a Guide). This might include the finer things in life that exist in different cultures. Culture is more than just claiming a border and being […]

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A Good Scout 1

So, we change tack a little. And make you look at yourself a little more too. Your origins dont matter here. This is not about where you came from, how hard you work, how much you get paid all that superficial crap is pointless here. To know this Realm is a little more than knowing […]

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Australia Advanced...

The unknown history of what is supposed to be Australia’s National Anthem has seen this Australian Government change the lyrics to a song respectfully dedicated to the Sons and Daughters of Australia. We can see from this copy of the original score written and composed by Amicus otherwise known as Peter Dodds McCormack in the […]

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