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Poverty Fast

When currencies were first introduced into the Colonies of Australia, multiple Gold and Silver Coinages were used, although Rum was also widely accepted for payment of goods and services. After the War of 1812, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland signed the Treaty of Ghent coming to Peace with the United States of […]

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Psyop War

This literally needs no words, Daniel Andrews is overstepping the Police Commissioner on behalf of the United Nations who are obviously giving him instruction to quash dissent against him. Daniel Dictator Andrews sent in hundreds of Police, Horses, Swat Teams, Riot Squads and used them against all known Human Rights and the Commonwealth of Australia […]

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Like a Bosi

Just when you needed another ignorant politician in the ranks, up steps Ricardo Bosi with his bookselling egotistical attitude from the ranks of the Australian Defence Force. He thinks we pay for politicians when the truth of the matter is they pay themselves with the debts that they put on our backs through International Monetary […]

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