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The Corporate Pers...

Most of you use the internet without any consideration that you are walking through the doors of a private and registered corporate personality. At law we have all come to learn that Corporations are Persons, and that you as a Man have a Corporate Personality or Mask you use to enter into the realms of […]

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Lord of the ???

Remember Lord of the Flies, well its moving towards Lord of the Idiots.

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Yet Still

You have all the answers, yet still the defamation continues. You might want to be careful about what you post, eyes and ears are everywhere. If you want to believe stories that get passed around by people that have no idea of the truth. Then you might want to be careful about DEFAMATION LAW SUITS. […]

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To transition out of continually talking concepts of law and the scripture, let us segway into a new section. Everyone has watched Social Media Platforms explode in user interaction over the last ten years, but in the recent United States election process we saw for the first time these media giants come under the spotlight, […]

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Lambs to Slaughter

Seems that you spend all your time on Facebook, and lead each other to slaughter all day continuously defaming the character of men and fail to educate each other over the work that has been done over the last ten years. I wont address the continual lies about myself, the spreading of rumours and defamation […]

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Dont Want It?

It seems that no matter how much it is demonstrated to the people what is going on in their country, nobody wants to step up to the plate and do something about it other than discuss their own demise as a Commonwealth of Australia. Whether it be the Land Flag vs the Admiralty Flags, or […]

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Break the Silence

It was once said that if you dont want the hassles and troubles of copyright, then one should own their own media. This is the biggest reason to post on my own blog in the third persona. To give you an indication of how much you are being spied on, Steven went out of his […]

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Being Silenced

While the people continue to argue in the controversary of the current State of Affairs world wide. It seems that Steven cannot get a voice online at all in the current day. Ever since the Red Ensign was raised in every Capital City in the Country on the true Australia Day being the last Friday […]

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Marketer Dan

Many Victorians already call Daniel Andrews by the name Dictator Dan after his failed dealing with the State of Victoria during this Bio Warfare that has come out of China. And its pretty self evident that his team of marketing gurus need to go into overdrive to defend his actions after his failed to show […]

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Sewn.. Now Reap

Watching day to day it seems as though the people enjoy the controversy instead of looking at how to be the people that will change the future of the country. Continuing to follow known failures expecting the result to be different is literally a expression of insanity as the people share false legal posts and […]

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24 Hours Blocked

Well there you go, everything spoken is demonstrated. A Facebook Account was created yesterday and as stated in our post, it wasnt going to be used for personal interaction with anybody. It was to be used to link out to media that was published on external media… such as this web site. Farcebook is a […]

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The Rebuild

You will have to bare with us as we go about rebuilding all of the platforms in which are used to push out information. With Socialist Media platforms continually shutting down accounts because they follow a narrative driven by a hidden agenda, we have decided to create a bunch of channels and locations at which […]

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