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The Corporate Pers...

Most of you use the internet without any consideration that you are walking through the doors of a private and registered corporate personality. At law we have all come to learn that Corporations are Persons, and that you as a Man have a Corporate Personality or Mask you use to enter into the realms of […]

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Freedom is Slavery

What, you are mad you might be saying. Let me put you into a thought process. Is your freedom the impact of someone else’s oppression? Let me put the scope on this. Is your habits impacting your neighbour the same as a manufacturer impacting a neighbourhood? Your freedom is a balance of not taking someone […]

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Lord of the ???

Remember Lord of the Flies, well its moving towards Lord of the Idiots.

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To transition out of continually talking concepts of law and the scripture, let us segway into a new section. Everyone has watched Social Media Platforms explode in user interaction over the last ten years, but in the recent United States election process we saw for the first time these media giants come under the spotlight, […]

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Next Steps

That took a little bit of time. Now we have a complete wordpress theme to build from. Youll start to see some of the features Ive extended into this theme as we go. For some reason the front side of the Announcements is bringing up an error. This is strange as its built the same […]

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As with any development, especially one that is visually important, a developer writes code to get the elements to display accordingly. A client might provide a brief for a design, or even a full design that is expected to fit to the pixel on screen. Steven is not a designer, he is a programmer. Steven […]

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New Look

Over the past week, I have been hammering away at the keyboard programming a WordPress Theme to be able to tailor it to be able to do some things I’ve wanted to lay out for a while. The old wordpress theme NewSphere is a bloated and overly design pos, so its been a blessing to […]

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No Sins Required

Most of you are not aware of the fact that Steven has been defending against the State of Queensland within the Magistrates Court of Queensland over matters of jurisdiction relative to the foundations of the Commonwealth of Australia and the lineage retained by the State of Queensland in that Commonwealth. Before we look at what […]

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Sounds of Then

And now for something completely different, well almost, we still remain on the same subject matter, although we look at the past and those that sent you a message. All of these are Australian Songs except one (the lyrics are however). We will go through them, you can listen to them as you read. All […]

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The Single Parent ...

Many of you have experienced a break up or a divorce, and had a problem trying to be a parent to your own children. Not many of you see this as a problem to the very country you live in, and the future of it. Many attempt to destroy the family unit, especially in patriarchy, […]

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Freedom Passport

Freedom as an Australian People was ultimately defined by Australian Imperial Forces whom came to peace in battle by the ending of world war one and the entering of peace treaties at Versailles. William Morris Hughes, then Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia did use the Rising Sun Badge of the Australian Imperial Forces […]

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Robot Wars

All around the world people have seen a drastic change in the way governments have acted since they have declared a war on the people through planned pandemic responses that have grown out of legislated models over the last two decades. With the installation of Anti Terrorism based laws in most countries, Australia has seen […]

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