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The End

Lets sit back with a Cocktail and Watch.

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Sounds of Then

And now for something completely different, well almost, we still remain on the same subject matter, although we look at the past and those that sent you a message. All of these are Australian Songs except one (the lyrics are however). We will go through them, you can listen to them as you read. All […]

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Fake News vs Anti ...

A look at how a Spiritual Day in Australia Day on the 31st of July, being the last Friday of July, the day at which ANZAC celebrated annually was attempted to be turned into a Protest Event. If you havent see the previous video displaying what happened on the 31st of July 2020, then […]

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Australia Day vs F...

There is a very spiritual connection when it comes to the Kings Domain and what ANZAC for the people of this Commonwealth of Australia. Participating in the Consecration of the Federal Red Ensign, the Land Flag of this Commonwealth of Australia wasnt an easy task to commit to. Certain people had turned up to attempt […]

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Creation vs Format...

After YouTube started to delete videos, a new account has been formed specifically to reupload specific videos of importance to all of you. Creation vs Formation ventures into the creation of Realms and the foundations of Country. We look at why the current Australian Government has no claim due to its failure to link to […]

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