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Freedom is Slavery

What, you are mad you might be saying. Let me put you into a thought process. Is your freedom the impact of someone else’s oppression? Let me put the scope on this. Is your habits impacting your neighbour the same as a manufacturer impacting a neighbourhood? Your freedom is a balance of not taking someone […]

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Freedom Passport

Freedom as an Australian People was ultimately defined by Australian Imperial Forces whom came to peace in battle by the ending of world war one and the entering of peace treaties at Versailles. William Morris Hughes, then Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia did use the Rising Sun Badge of the Australian Imperial Forces […]

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Robot Wars

All around the world people have seen a drastic change in the way governments have acted since they have declared a war on the people through planned pandemic responses that have grown out of legislated models over the last two decades. With the installation of Anti Terrorism based laws in most countries, Australia has seen […]

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NSW Police Letter

RE: Open Letter Concerning the Police Enforcement of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions We are writing to you to raise concerns we have about the use of the police to enforce the ongoing restrictions placed upon our citizens relating to COVID-19, which has seriously eroded community trust in our great police force. Since the Attorney General Declared […]

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The Kings Men

Its not widely spoken of that Tribal Men stood up to the kings call to defend the Commonwealth, yet they are commemorated for their sacrifice by the Australian War Memorial in the absence of their Tribal Sons doing so. Many aborigine angry at the Government oppression they have recieved over the decades cant fathom that […]

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Making World News

Australians attending the Shrine and being confronted by a massive military force in the Victorian Police have now made Internetional News with Russia Today and the footage demonstrates that Australian Media are hiding the facts and the voice of the people for a pro police state. Yesterday, the Governments of Australia showed you all by […]

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Blue is for Sea

It is very difficult to continue explaining this to people if all they want to do is go out and be stupid, whining like children, are you in anyway standing for what you ANZAC defended by joining protests and not changing your country. You can see by the recent freedom day protests, that being angry […]

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Psyop War

This literally needs no words, Daniel Andrews is overstepping the Police Commissioner on behalf of the United Nations who are obviously giving him instruction to quash dissent against him. Daniel Dictator Andrews sent in hundreds of Police, Horses, Swat Teams, Riot Squads and used them against all known Human Rights and the Commonwealth of Australia […]

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Sovereign Citizen

The term Sovereign Citizen is a way to insult you over wanting to honour your ANZAC and is used by this government because of the Citizenship most of the people hold with a foreign power in their land while trying to act as de jure Sons of this Commonwealth of Australia. This Government Securities Administration […]

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You dont know

When you talk about the Great War 1914 through 1918, you dont know the sacrifice that was made and the expense that it was made at. You think your ANZAC marched on through to seal your freedoms but you never consider the cost. It seems that all Australians lack the knowing of what horrors were […]

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