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Freedom Passport

Freedom as an Australian People was ultimately defined by Australian Imperial Forces whom came to peace in battle by the ending of world war one and the entering of peace treaties at Versailles. William Morris Hughes, then Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia did use the Rising Sun Badge of the Australian Imperial Forces […]

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Robot Wars

All around the world people have seen a drastic change in the way governments have acted since they have declared a war on the people through planned pandemic responses that have grown out of legislated models over the last two decades. With the installation of Anti Terrorism based laws in most countries, Australia has seen […]

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NSW Police Letter

RE: Open Letter Concerning the Police Enforcement of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions We are writing to you to raise concerns we have about the use of the police to enforce the ongoing restrictions placed upon our citizens relating to COVID-19, which has seriously eroded community trust in our great police force. Since the Attorney General Declared […]

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Making World News

Australians attending the Shrine and being confronted by a massive military force in the Victorian Police have now made Internetional News with Russia Today and the footage demonstrates that Australian Media are hiding the facts and the voice of the people for a pro police state. Yesterday, the Governments of Australia showed you all by […]

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Trump Speed Bump

Most of the world knows where Donald Trump came from through The Apprentice, a televisions program where Donald acted as the boss of candidates of the show eventually terminating their employment with the catch phrase “you’re fired!”. Openly dubbed a Corporate Empire, Donald Trump is no stranger to the super rich with 19 […]

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Long Holiday

The Queen has had a little shock from the Staff surrounding the Palace as they refuse to work over Christmas inside what has been dubbed HMS-Bubble or her COVID Bubble as they decide their families are more important over Christ-mass than the Crown is. In March before the COVID scare really become a thing, the […]

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Presidential Argum...

After watching the complete hour and a half of the Presidential Debates in the United States it seems as though the organisers didnt bet on the two candidates turning it into an argument instead. Constantly speaking over the top of each other, the moderator needs to be able to turn the microphone off for the […]

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Black Horse

Most people don’t factor in the biblical rules that are put in place at the foundation of countries world wide. President of the United States Administration Donald Trump stood before the 1812 Church of Presidents established post the War of 1812 on 1st July 2020. Donald Trump knows this led to the Treaty of Ghent. […]

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Subdued Flags

The subdued flag is more than what it seems. It signifies a club, or gang of like minded policy enforcers that have a vested interest in self preservation rather than Public Service. Supposed to represent those Policy Enforcers that have lost life during the line of duty the Thin Blue Line depicts something a little […]

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