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Australia Day vs Fake News

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There is a very spiritual connection when it comes to the Kings Domain and what ANZAC for the people of this Commonwealth of Australia. Participating in the Consecration of the Federal Red Ensign, the Land Flag of this Commonwealth of Australia wasnt an easy task to commit to.

Certain people had turned up to attempt to defame your ANZAC, and can be demonstrated to turn what was a Spiritual Connection to God, King and Country into a protest, an Anti Mask protest.

It can also be demonstrated that Channel Nine News were moved back by the Police, and told to go set up somewhere where they could be helped by Victorian Police to pump fear into the homes of Victorians.

Channel Nine News setup cameras and media down the path that goes towards the Shrine of Remembrance. Fellow Australians informing us that this was structured purposefully.

After the Spiritual Event had taken place, it can be seen in video that Police asked those attending the event to move on, at which they did peacefully.

Victorian Police then provided media footage to Channel Nine News who then went on to lie point blank into the homes of people across Australia having its part of the media monopoly managed by this Australian Government.

What is very clear is that all attempts to defame the Honour of the Anzac took place on Holy Ground by Victorian Police Officers showing severe disgrace to that Honour by pushing Admiralty Statute Laws upon the ground pulled out of those International Waters.

We can only hope that the people do not forget.

Because it seems as if this media monopoly, along with Victorian Police are upholding a Federal Agenda making everything that is happening in Victoria today rather suspect in the eyes of the truth.

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