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It is very difficult to continue explaining this to people if all they want to do is go out and be stupid, whining like children, are you in anyway standing for what you ANZAC defended by joining protests and not changing your country.

You can see by the recent freedom day protests, that being angry and not having a remedy is about the sum of what you are doing, you are not thinking about tomorrow, or next year, or even the next century. You are not thinking about your children, and their futures, or the children they are going to have that they bring up into this world.

Instead you think about yourselves, and the fact that you are locked down like prisoners in your own homes. Yes its something to be angry about, but are you thinking about the solutions for the future generations that this government has attempted to control.

We have discussed sexless birth certificates, and the loss of your family rights for a long time now, yet all this education goes ignored so you can go into the cities and stamp your feet and all that does is show you for the ignorant people you became.

Blue is for Seas and this is very clear given the history of your country. Admiralty Ships manage Governments and Commerce and Trade while you forgot how to stand on the Land of your Forefathers.

You can see by Admiralty Orders under George V Admiralty Fleet that the Blue Ensign is specifically not to be used on Land and are purely maritime flags and that the White Ensign from the Harbour can be used to establish fleets connection to their barracks or other buildings.

The use of the Blue and White Ensigns on shore is improper and that the White Ensign is nothing else but, meaning only the National Colours of a Ship of War in Commission.

At this time his Majesties fleets flew the St George Cross White Ensign.

Australian Imperial Forces didnt die for an Admiralty Flag. They died under the flying of a Federal Land Flag known as the Red Duster at which ANZAC called it the Blood and the Guts after seeing 62,000 men lose their lives in the Great War 1914-1918. Yet none of you know these facts.

Under Hague Conventions, the Commonwealth of Australia through His Majesty Edward VII signed into International Agreements to pay off the Empires Debts at which the Commonwealth of Australia went into two referendums, one in 1910 and then in 1927 to control or manage the debts of the States.

Today those States are considered Zombie Companies, unable to furbish the interest of their debts they are fast moving into the End of Usufruct Administration outlined in those Hague Conventions.



We can see through the Treasonous Actions of Robert Menzies first terms in Office that he undermined the Commonwealth of Australia opening the door to the Australia Act and a Foreign Kingdom managing what your ANZAC died for. We can demonstrate that the world stage then sought to lie about your history in Treaties that were signed during the Menzies First Era Politics.


Menzies went on to change Clause 5 of the Constitution Act allowing foreign control of His Majesties Ships of War and then backdated these changes and opened the door to the Australia Act 1986 by post installation of the Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 1942, an Act installed after his actions, making his actions that of Treason to the Realm of this Australia forged by ANZAC and defined in the Shrine of Remembrance.

It is worthy to note that John Howards eleven years in power saw him following in, and gloating about how he followed in Menzies footsteps. Robert Menzies was key to the undermining of the Commonwealth and John Howard would see that your right to self defence was removed by taking away your guns.

In todays world you are flying the flag of a Foreign Admiralty Fleet having lowered His Majesties White Ensign on the 1st of March 1967 and consecrating the White Ensign that coincides with the changes to the flag post Hague Conventions. You fly this Marine only flag on lands of your ANZAC in complete ignorance of the fact that Governments are of the Admiralty and are designed to serve and protect your Ocean Borders and do trade on International Waters.

You fail completely to honour the Australian Imperial Forces that became the Commonwealth of Australia Defence Forces through Treaties of Versailles defining this Australia to be under God, King and Country in a Sovereign Capacity making King George V the king of Australia.


You allow Government to mock you with Marine Only Flags made National in the Flags Act 1953 in total ignorance of what Hague Conventions IV War on Land actually defines as Administrators under the Rules of Usufruct, or the use of the fruits of your Commonwealth of Australia as it lends you monies from the IMF which is currently in a Force Majeure situation unable to manage that Administration of the Zombie Commonwealth you allowed it to become.

The people no longer know what Land Forces actually are as they all fight under Naval Flags as the country is handed to the United Nations management systems to arbitrate those debts installing UNICTRL Rules of that Arbitration when they took over in 1973.


Model Law to have force of law
(1) Subject to this Part, the Model Law has the force of law in Australia.
(2) In the Model Law:
“arbitration agreement” has the meaning given in Option 1 of Article 7 of the Model Law.
“State” means Australia (including the external Territories) and any foreign country.
“this State” means Australia (including the external Territories).

Instead of recognising the problem of foreign banking administration of United Nations Trust Territories going on in your lands, and the use of their IMF and Reserve Bank related money systems in place of your Gold and Silver.

States not to coin money
                   A State shall not coin money, nor make anything but gold and silver coin a legal tender in payment of debts.

The people instead continue to fly Admiralty Flags, believing a foreign administrative power to be their de jure and lawful government. This becomes a literal insanity as they defend an Australia Day while flying this Marine Flag on the very day that Hague Conventions were ratified and installed into the country as enforced laws.

International Convention concerning the Laws and Customs of War on Land [Hague IV]
(The Hague, 18 October 1907)
Entry into force for Australia and generally: 26 January 1910

Instead of standing up for what ANZAC believed you would inherit in their image, their garden that they spilt blood for, sealing borders to the Commonwealth of Australia at the Treaties of Versailles, the people instead continue to act like children stamping their feet not knowing how to return home. It is also looking like they are not likely to remember either, with 101 remembrance days since that treaty being lost in memory. Lest we forget!

Instead of humbly relying on their blessing and acting in their image, the people instead choose to think about themselves and the ego that comes along with being a hero with no chest to pin a medal on. They instead stamp feet like children, not knowing where home is in their slumber, they are woke, not awake.

You are not awake, when the government controls the minds of you instead of living freely to express your opinions, and your faith. The people still continue to dob each other in and spy on each other doing the very job for this occupying monetary power in complete disrepect of the freedoms that ANZAC died to defend. You allow the division yourselves and as administrators the government is obligated to clean up the mess.

The people allow the propaganda of fake news of Channel Seven and Channel Nine, already caught lying point blank about ANZAC, into your homes. You allow them to lie to you, and you accept their lies.

You are dividing yourselves and allowing those officials to infiltrate and upset your unity because you are unable to pin point the very aspects of the Gods of your Fathers in those Australian Imperial Forces and like them stand up and let nothing divide.

Turning up to the Shrine, the continued ignorance of the foundations laid to make it that Holy Ground that was lifted up out of the International Waters, you float their spirit in those waters by attempting to defend a Government Flag which is not linked to their sacrifice.

The people fail in Spirit to lift that Holy Ground out of those International Waters and cannot stand up to the full force of police and government in complete ignorance and without Spirit.

Genesis 1:9 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.

Australians instead abandon their identity and their Commonwealth of Australia under King of Australia, to defend what is foreign and not of the lands holy that were sealed under the blessing of that Almighty God.

Peace and War are Hague Conventions and coming out of the Rules of Usufruct under a United Nations Trust Territory making Australia a Nation State ripe for arbitration. Instead of dealing with the fact that it is the people causing the problems by acting as children wanting their chocolate, the nanny steps in and smacks you on the hand and says no chocolate today.

Instead of flying the correct Land Flags of your Lighthorseman, and obliging the Admiralty Orders not to fly Blue or White on land, you forget your ANZAC. And instead link Civil Merchant Admiralty Flags of the People on Waters to your Holy Ground.

Unless the people realise they are Sons of their Fathers, defenders of a Christian Faith. They will lose everything they have failed to remember. And with Bretton Woods being asked for again by the IMF, it is very clear that in the inability to pay off debts created by the people, a creditor is moving in. This is becoming very clear in Victoria today, especially at the Kings Domain and Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne where Victorian Police are acting like Roman Military and reliving the history of desecration of Faith and the taking over of land in times past.

You have a choice. Remember the country that was federated.

Or lose it altogether because you failed to Remember after 101 years of Remembrance Day in which you stayed in Slumber. Lest ye Forget!

It us up to all of you to become that people, and stop following lambs to slaughter. It is up to all of you to unite and act in their image, or you will lose it forever. And in losing it, you will face the harsh realities that a foreign military power will continue to hold you in slavery and put the nations debts on your very own backs like they did in 1973 under Gough Whitlam wherein he handed Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Australia in to be replaced by the Great Seal of Australia.

If you cannot unite in the image of your ANZAC, the future is looking very dim.

Youll instead stand on the North Line established by your ANZAC flying three foreign Flags not realising the grave and horrible mistake you are making in the complete desecration of everything they died for.

You might become Lost at Seas and unable to find your way home while you rally the lambs to the very slaughter your ANZAC warned you about all those years ago. You might just forget their sacrifice and believe in something of International Waters instead of being those spirits that raised the Kings Domain and Holy Ground out of those waters.

Will you awaken to what is going on, or continue to fall and abandon your Australian heritage, a lineage and ancestry that your fathers spilt blood for, so that you may live by still waters. Or will you forget it, and continue to abandon it.


Now you might know why image of your Lighthorseman carrying Federal Land War Flag of the Peoples defences is so important. Now you might realise what they died under and for. If you would like to see continued research and information being posted here your support is required.

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17 thoughts on “Blue is for Sea

  1. If you cannot figure this out and start to act as the Sons of your ANZAC you have given up everything to the United Nations and the Creditors they arbitrate on behalf of. To stand up for your rights, means to stand in the capacity you were given, not something foreign and ignorant. The warning is stark, and you all chose to argue the facts. And the warnings have been often, now you reap what you continue to sew. Ask yourselves, does Facebook unite you, or make you argue with each other over your own egos as to who is right.

  2. I blog quite often and I truly thank you for your content.
    This article has truly peaked my interest. I’m going to bookmark your website
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  3. First off I want to say superb blog! I had a
    quick question that I’d like to ask if you do not mind.
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    1. I dont. I have been doing this for over a decade. So the knowledge is already well learnt. The use of language over the last decade increased somewhat as well dealing with the subject matter at hand. Most of the planning is the structure of what needs to be put together instead of the writing part. I layout images and videos first, then search for corresponding evidence such as web pages and add links. The very last thing that I put together is the text, and that flows pretty straight forward given I know the data I am writing around.

    1. There is no subscription, I post about twice a week depending on how busy I am, or how in depth a post is going to be. For instance, I currently have two draft posts that I am working on currently that will take a few more days each to put together. Probably be a good idea to check it once a week for updates. Also, you can use tips@stevenspiers.com to ask questions youd like answers for, or propose articles. I will post other peoples work if its credibly sources or written well.

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