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Australians attending the Shrine and being confronted by a massive military force in the Victorian Police have now made Internetional News with Russia Today and the footage demonstrates that Australian Media are hiding the facts and the voice of the people for a pro police state.

Yesterday, the Governments of Australia showed you all by flying United Nations Flags who they work for. United Nations Flags would never be flown here if these governments actually worked for you.

It is now a clear demonstration that Australians are under attack for using the Reserve Money Supply that this government has conned them over since 1948.

This is a clear cut enemy wearing a St Edwards Crown on its shoulder that has no want to join the people, and will do what it can to attack the people who are standing up for the freedom that the ANZAC being Australian Imperial and New Zealand Imperial Forces laid down their life to defend.

Making world news is demonstration that your voices are being heard across the oceans, even if they are being ignored at home.

This doesnt change the fact that Daniel Andrews knows what he is doing to undermine and attack Victorias economy and maintain control through United Nations force of which the Victorian Police follow orders from directly.

You have seen the Police Commissioner of Victoria tell you that protest is unlawful, but police are attacking people who are standing alone. Their modus operandi is to go after the divided and will continue doing so until they maintain full militarised control of the people.

Such a shame that Australians do not unite and stand together and that police do not stand with Australians. Instead they are ordered to attack Australians within Holy Ground of Gods where in God said not to have respect for persons, the Police ask for Joinder details in Name and Address and Date of Birth in bid to pull you into systems of commerce for war.

Australians do not unite. And police when they take their uniforms off proclaim to be Australian. It is completely out of their mind set that they are in deed attacking their own country and its countrymen.

Daniel Andrews is a deep state supporter. Having sat down with Joe Biden and the Governor of Victoria it is obvious that he has sold out the Land of the Gods of your Fathers to the International Machine which put its UN Flags up across Australia yesterday.

Australians will begin to realise they no longer have command of the country they grew up in, and even police across the country will realise they have been revenue raising for foreign powers to pay off national debts. This will turn to the Australian Police of all States becoming Nazi style order followers wherein they should be aware of the Nuremburg Trials relating to following those orders.

They will be too ignorant to realise, they are ungodly, and that the system is being drawn out of the shadows and war crimes will become real. We are yet to hear about the results of the criminal investigations relating to Australian Defence Force Soldiers in Afghanistan, something that has been kept very quiet by media and the current governments.

Will Australians now realise they act like people with Mental Health issues, constantly ignoring the words of former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser who told you outright that you had lost the Sovereignty of your own country in 1967. Will the courts call Malcolm Fraser a liar and continue to push the persona of a foreign power on all Australians?

Will the people of Australia now realise they have been defending the United Nations by flying a Blue Ensign and start to look at who they actually are underneath it all. Its not a likely outcome in the near future, but it may start to seed into a reality as they become impoverished and put under the thumb of a Foreign Military Power who is taking over and maintain control of the Lands your forefathers died to defend.

They have conned you into being subordinate to States when you became a Federal Body of people with one Common Law. And in that, the people havent woken up yet to what they have lost. The States currently acting like individual countries because the people abandoned their Commonwealth which has now been fully taken over by United Nations Agendas.

You have a choice. RETURN. Or FORGET. Lest ye Forgot!

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