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Q and Eh!

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We get passed many things from a variety of sources that demonstrate the lack of knowledge that exists in the community. Being blocked from facebook at a telco level means not being able to even create a new account on the platform.

From Facebook, to Twitter, and Youtube the content produced is taken down in hours or days. This makes it very difficult to target the ability to provide the correct information.

People tend to think they know better, and because of this they make up stories, and have false beliefs, not only about the research they are provided with, but also the authors of that research.

Given that it is a large scope of work that includes the Holy Bible at its core, many people still have a belief that they can find the answer without Gods work. Unfortunately, if you want to learn how your ANZAC forged a Sovereign and indepedant country in World War I it means learning those foundations.

Learning the foundations forged from the Authorized King James Bible puts a comprehension to the meaning to the Law and Court Findings that are quoted left and right in complete ignorance of what Sovereignty actually means to a people.

Over the last decade, many people have proven the inability to discover and work out what it all means, and the sad part about that is they either go preaching complete falsities in the belief they do know, or they go off and slander the author in a haze of lies and mistruths.

People talk, and they like nothing more than to slander each other in a bid to stroke their own egos and feel important. At the end of the day, they are only making themselves look foolish, especially from platforms where they hide behind fake names and make up stories that fit their own agendas.

Its sad to see that haters unite and that the Artificial Intelligence that is behind platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube keep those people in a bubble never reaching further out than the circle of freinds that they have been in communication with for years.

You dont grow by continually sharing lies, hatred and incite others to join the circle jerk.

So we open the floor to all of you to ask questions in the comments below that can be addressed to give answers to in regards to the knowledge and history of this country and what came before it.

The only way to break through the barrier of the bubble that these big tech companies keep you in is to discuss the facts and issues at hand and grow as a people united together. It seems that ego has grabbed you in slander and hatred, and that people incite others to perpetuate lies and abuse instead of learning for themselves.

After doing this since 2010, we open the floor up to your questions, so that we can help you, by targetting the posts that we create towards answering those questions.

Do you want to know something specific, broaden your knowledge base. Or have you learnt something here that intrigues you to want to know more. Jump down below and put a comment down addressing what you would like to learn.

Dont join the haters and slanderers who cant answer those questions. Build up a community of good people around you and teach each other the answers. Put the ego to the side, and stop believing everything you hear. The opportunity to change a country lies before you, and you will only show any success if you grow as a community.

Dont let the tall poppy syndrome cause you to perpetuate falsities and lies, dont slander the messengers, and discover for yourself. This is the only way you as a people will move forward. There are some that would prefer only to sling hatred and false claims around, abuse and derogatory comments in a bid to shoot the messengers. Does this honestly make you a community of good men.

Its pretty clear to say it doesnt, does it. We are not going to bother addressing the hatred and slander that is seen regularly. We know that people are butt hurt because they cant figure out what is being shown to them.

So, if you want to join them, you might find that it slaps in you the face in the long run. Surrounded by a group of people that you figure out you dont want to be around.

If you want to discover for yourself, and share with your community the love of God, and the foundations forged in his name. If you want to learn the groundwork your ANZAC sacrificed life and limb for. If you want to truly learn how Australians became a sovereign people in international law.

Continue to read our blog. And ask the questions by posting your comments for everyone to be able to participate in the discussion. If you have something personal or private you can always email on the email addresses provided at the top of this blog.

We will attempt to answer your questions over time, and help grow a community of people that want to see changes rather than sit on the same old same old all day every day.

Participation makes a community. Where sunflowers grow, and tall poppies wane in the sunlight. We look forward to hearing the questions, so that we can go about discussing the answers.

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23 thoughts on “Q and Eh!

  1. I am actually kinda glad I am blocked from facebook. Its like the swill of society. Where you are kept in a pen of the filth and scum. The addictive behaviour of self importance and ego is plainly obvious as you lie about each other because youve never met the people you argue with all day. If you leave it for two months, you might find it refreshing, not to have to deal with some of the people you are surrounded by. If you met them in real life, chances are you wouldnt want to meet them again. Such is the problem of feeling important on the internet. The only way to crack out of that bullshit, is to grow as a community in the real world, and meet and greet with each other. Youll soon find out that the unworthy dont hang around you. And you might find that the good people stick together united in a common voice.

        1. Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition, Chapter 11 under American Sign Language Page 575. The point that Romley used is in 11.147 on Page 576 which says “… there is no one-to-one correspondence between the words or signs in any two languages.” ie I am writing in English with proper capitalisation but words written in all caps are ASL and cannot be read as if they are in the English language. Your ref to the 1953 gov style manual leads me to think it’s telling them how to legally remove their signature from the page without appearing to do so.

          1. Hi Chris, yeah with Rom I was trying to work out how he was relating ASL sign language for the deaf etc. to his DOG-LATIN reference of illiterate.

          2. Have found another 3 sources of info to back up Rom’s ASL theory etc.
            Originally i started researching citizenship which crossed paths with Steven and Rom’s research.
            Anyway i have about 50 pages so far of research/ notes/ pics/ links etc. in word format available.
            Steven if you are interested you are welcome to a copy, also if you have contact with Romley you can forward on to him too.

          3. Romleys work is only 5% of your problem. I have said this to Romley, i even had an argument about it with him. I told him to his face, he wasnt wrong. But… Its NOT A SOLUTION. Its a part of the greater puzzle. Its facts that form part, and only part, of the greater argument. The problem I have, is you all want to research. Nobody actually wants to do anything about it. And the tall poppy syndrome. Youd rather pull down the people that stand up for you, than stand beside them and become that people “united in a Federal Commonwealth”. You can use the email in the tips section at the top of the Blog.

  2. We appreciate the constant sacrifices, flow of information and education Steven.

    You and your team have done a fantastic job showing us we are legacy of Anzac.

    Realism and pursuit of truth, stings like a bitch, but it sets you free.



    1. I cant even complete a new account creation process, even while using a VPN.

      Their AI and spy network obviously gets wind of it being me and immediately cancels the accounts. The creation process will send an email with a number in it that is to be typed in the new account process, and as soon as that number is submitted Community Standards kicks in and says Your Account is Disabled.

  3. What say you of the ending Era? 21st Dec or thereabouts is the reckon, a fresh breath of spirit or blown away?

    I selfishly have hope that God will KO the losers spraying the skies with nonsense. Why can’t they leave my patch of blue alone? It rustles my jimmies that short of an RPG I can’t remedy the harm being done to my charge.

    1. You arent a loyal people, and do not stand united in a Federal Commonwealth under the blessing of that Almighty God detailed by your ANZAC and the Anglican Protestant Faith that it is born from. You have allowed a Foreign Papal Faith to Compass your Shrine and now you are being attacked for that loyalty. On Remembrance Day only a handful of people turned up to stand in that loyalty and were attacked for attempting to lay down remembrance by wreaths and flags.

      Until the people realise what is, then on the 23rd of December at the Solstice when everyone celebrates Moloch and feeds their children to the corporates, they will begin the final Horse of the Apocalypse and take away from you the ability to return without a fight. By March 22nd at the Christ Equinox. Who knows what will happen.

      QANTAS has stated today, no vaccine no flights. So they are enforcing the vaccine through necessity. Soon that will spread out to being able to find employment, enter farms, go to a concert, enter a football ground and so on.

      YOU ARE THE INFECTED and BIO SECURITY ACT 2015 is all over your infection. You are the Zombies. The ones that picked each other brains, ripped each other apart with your egos. And there was not an ounce of loyalty among you, which is exactly what my post describes. The abuse and the lies that you spread, the defamation without facts, and the constant better than game you all play. Zombies will be attacked for what they are by these people.

      Soon, youll start to see mum and dad families start to feel concerned. BY THEN ITS TOO LATE.

      1. “they will begin the final Horse of the Apocalypse and take away from you the ability to return without a fight.” Behold a pale horse its name vaccination?

        Speaking of fights, I heard the spooky priest in black at the WEF mention warfare will change specifically citing Korea if I recall correctly, 5th generation warfare incoming?

        Is there Bible script relevant to the planetary square alignment coming up?

        When trading and building our communities privately, is that considered private business by law and thus every man owns a private business by default; Man must do battle as is nature? Does a private business require registry? Is that privacy? I struggle to communicate this thought.

        Pardon the jump in topics, I’m retarded.

  4. Alan, I feel Malachi may be of some assistance (alignment), but I am still trying to pull it all apart as I am not a scratch on the scholarly level that Steven is. Let me know what your thoughts are…. any guidance Steve??

    1. Malachi is a text of restoration, he speaks of the peoples governor, yet also speaks of the people and their failures.

      He describes a knighthood, or priesthood that has forgotten its duties and the temple or realm that is underfunded because the people have lost interest in it. He also speaks about matrimony and how people abandon their estates and marry in law instead of in faith.

      You could say this is very relevant to the situation where the people just sling hatred and lies and accusation at each other in a tall poppy syndrome. They also tear down their own temple, the spirit of their anzac in ego driven wannabe greatness that they will never achieve because they cannot be a united people that build up their status as a people.

      Its very relavant to the current situation you find yourself in. Jeremiah speaks about that downfall quite clearly as well.

    2. Thanks, Martin. Reading Malachi and Jeremiah was like reading the past, present and future. The buggered food supply, losing faith in creation and leaving the land, the futility of idolatry, I needed to read Jeremiah’s words on true glory as I’ve had disdain for plebeians lately. I fail to see any relevance to the planetary alignment, unless “crushed and rebuild”? Earthquakes incoming? Shifting poles, pulled out of orbit by gas giants etc.

      If all of this has happened and will happen again? Was winning ever an option? A list of times mankind fell off the horse, trying anything and everything to avoid getting back on; cowardly. Is the only way to victory, within? My axe, weeps. Feels like I’m playing a game, an elaborate filter, to what end?

  5. I have something to say about where the authority come from to set up a de facto Government. You will find it where it says the constitution will be binding on all except the Queens Ships in port. What is this de facto under… the Queens Ships/Corporation/Companies under her Saint Edwards Crown sitting here on dry dock.

    1. You are almost correct. But its what Menzies did in 1939 that gave those ships to a Foreign Power at law. So its not the Queen in lineage of the Constitution Act July 1900. Its the Queen of something foreign to the Realm.

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