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Supreme Challenge

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Most of you know that there is a severe lack of unity in the correct line of authority to be able to stand united under one voice. Too many people want to question and argue over mute points when there is so much complementing evidence to prove the facts.

Steven is in a challenge before the Magistrates Court of Queensland where he has already witnessed Magistrates directly slander and defame character, practice law from the bench and make spurious comments of fact like they are gospel, even though can be proven incorrect.

Action is being currently prepared for the Supreme Court of Queensland which should then open the door to the Federal Court of Australia. This isnt an easy prospect given that it must be very specific in its nature and complete in its presentation.

What is clear from our perspective is that Magistrates have gone outside of their limited capacity under Public Seal of Queensland and attempted to delay due process while lecturing and practicing law from the bench. Something they clearly are not supposed to do as independent arbitrator of the claims between Prosecution and the Plaintiff.

In short, the Magistrate and Prosecutors of your States are acting in a capacity Inn Cahoots putting you the people on the backfoot as you not only go to argument against the prosecution, but the Magistrates themselves.

This is not free either, the costs of entertaining a Supreme Court Case run into the thousands as you file your initial case and have to also then pay for additional services like viewing evidence. One could argue that justice should not attract costs but until the people stand united to speak up, the De Facto Doctrine remains and costs are a part of the show.


We therefore require your support to file within the Supreme Court of Queensland, and then eventually the Federal Court of Australia in relation to Constitutional Challenges that demonstrate the Magistrates Courts of all States outside of their limited jurisdictions.

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We are hoping to be able to file documents within the Supreme Court after Christmas that would see a direct challenge to the Line of Authority of the State of Queensland under Public Seal and its relevance to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act and the direct willingness of Magistrates within Summary Jurisdiction actions relative to that Public Seal.

These actions include the actions of Police Officers of the State of Queensland acting outside of their capacity including that of Common Assault and Deprivation of Political Liberty and Due Process at law.

Many of you have known Stevens work over the last ten years through the reading of his whitepapers. These are available free on this blog for you to download and read. Needless to say, documentation for a fourth whitepaper is forthcoming, which will include much of the documentation that has been prepared to put forward thirteen serious constitutional matters that relate to previous Case Law and matters of jurisdiction of the people not raised before.

This is not a Facebook, internet lawtard challenge, this is now a full blown challenge of Federal Jurisdiction throughout every State of the Commonwealth of Australia, and how they have enslaved you through debt. We are sick of arguing with the ignorance of people on the internet that concentrate on stupid things like fancy hats when it is clear that your forefathers united in a Federal Commonwealth of Australia. It is also clear by the Engineers Case 1920 that you are the line of authority as a people and your ability to stand united has the power to change the course of this governments future.

Steven has always been open to showing and discussing what he had discovered all those years ago whilst fighting his way through the Northern Territory Courts against his government employer. The constant arguing of false facts on Facebook by ignorant know it alls is what led to the White Papers being produced in the first place. To date, no one has rebutted the White Papers, including the Governor General and Attorney General of this Australian Government.

So the only way to deal with this in a pragmatic and responsible manner is to make a direct challenge that would reflect the case law being used by Judges and Magistrates around the country as incorrect making them assumption rather than fact.

We will need your support financially to accomplish these things, and they may take months to go through as we put those responsible into positions of accountability for the first time in this Commonwealth of Australia.

We are not fighting fines here, nor are we attempting to get out of something stupid that was done. Everything that was done here, set out from the first was designed to challenge the jurisdiction of the States under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act July 1900. Everything that was done here was done to demonstrate the lack of freedom and those responsible for taking that freedom away from you.

This blog will be used to update you on the events as they unfold and eventually give you the facts being used to demonstrate this in a lawful capacity. We will not be using Farcebook to argue those facts before the fact. The intention is to demonstrate to you the sheer oppression by Courts of Summary Jurisdiction and the way they act against the ignorant as they manipulate and control what are a people of a singular and Federal body politic.

It was you the people that united in a Federal Commonwealth of Australia, making the country one body politic. Yet you have allowed the States of the Commonwealth of Australia to act as individual bodies politic going against the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act July 1900.

Instead of standing up to them at law, the people can only complain about things like the Australia Act 1986 and the actions of the States removing the powers of their Governors under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act July 1900.

Now it is time to challenge them at the core of their jurisdiction, and to start to challenge their De Facto Doctrine and demonstrate to not only the Judiciary, but also the Executive Branches of Government, that we the people are not asleep, that we have awoken, that in the morning the sun shall rise again…

And on the rising of that sun. We shall remember them. Lest we forget!


We ask for your support during these actions with help in paying fees to the Supreme Courts and Federal Courts. You are able to support us by donating directly in the bank account, or by purchasing one of the Shirts in our online store that reflect the Sovereignty given to us by the ANZAC.

It is difficult to make these people accountable for their actions given that they have created a system so far out of the reach of the everyday Australian. They know this and have designed the Judicial Systems in this way to stop Australians from speaking up at law. The instead send their minions out across media and social media platforms to brow beat their position and use the courts in unfair manners to keep that position.

We intend to put Constitutional Challenge on the table on court record given that the Australian Government, Governor General, Attorney General and Representatives and Senators have all ignored requests to look into the Line of Authority at which they proclaim to hold Rule of Law. This has to change if you want to see these politicians uphold Rule of Law laid down by your forefathers.

You can visit our online store here.


Or donate directly to help this challenge here.

Donate and Support
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Name: Steven Spiers
BSB: 085-005
Account: 89-726-8545

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11 thoughts on “Supreme Challenge

  1. I can vouch for the shirts quality,well worth the price and cause. Aaand I finally own attire that really does “”make a Statement”” of meaning. (Thinking of framing the Lighthorse T-shirt instead of wearing it lol)
    Thankyou so much Steven,you truly do honor our ANZAC and stand in Grace.
    Lest we forget

  2. Update. Ive almost completed one of the applications.

    There will be two applications to the Supreme Court relating to the Magistrates Court at Mareeba. One of them will be to deal with the failures of Due Process, and the other to deal with Practicing Law from the Bench as well as defamation of character and the dealings of the Magistrate and Prosecutor according to law. This will open a door to greater questions relative to the Crown, and open up questions relative to Constitutional Challenge which will be pushed at the Federal Court of Australia.

    For those interested in looking into what is going on, as stated above, look up the De Facto Doctrine. A doctrine that states you have accepted the De Facto, and what it decides cannot be undone due to your acceptance of it. It gets its power through your ignorance and therefore your acceptance.

  3. Steven. Have just contributed to your Challenge and am fully behind what you are doing and what you/we are up against.
    I admire your courage as I do our ANZACS. I was lucky enough to come by your website & work via Dawn K in WA & now have my flag, decals & pin. I’d buy a T-shirt but can only wear V-necks.

    Also Steve, about the use of the word ‘person’ at ICCPR Article 16. Isn’t that a legalese term which puts us ‘under’ another jurisdiction according to their [Oz Govt] ‘legislation’?

    Can you please clarify this for me. I’m a little confused by this ‘person’ language being used.

    Many thanks for your continued fight for what is right. Cheers, CAL

    1. God said, you and your person. The person is the body corporate of you, the ability to trade in the system of commerce. These criminals have tricked you into being the person directly, instead of acting as men through persons. The hint to this is that Tubal traded the persons of men. And that god is no respecter of persons. And that all men are treated equal unto the law. And that you are not under law, but the grace of god. Or that Esau gave up his inheritance for a bowl of soup. Or that you would take citizenship of a foreigner in your own lands.

    1. First step is on Monday to get the transcripts of the previous court appearances. I havve just transcribed the phone calls and the videos taken on the scene of the incident I used to make claims before a court that could then be used to create action in the Supreme Court. Dont want to say to much, as I dont want the Police and Courts to have a heads up until its served on them.

  4. There is no lawful Magistrates Court in Queensland or in fact the whole of the country, Chapter 3 along with the rest of our 1901 Commonwealth Constitution has been decimated by treasonous politicians over the last 120 years. Queensland is a great example, on the 5th of May 1917 a referendum asking for the removal of the Legislative Council, FAILED. But the Treasonous politicians decided to close down the house for good. As the Legislative council was removed in defiance of the 1917 referendum all legislation from 23 of March 1923 is in fact unconstitutional and therefore unlawful, as Chief Justice Latham stated “A pretended Law made in excess of power is not and never has been a law at all. Anybody in the country is entitled to disregard it” So as a rogue government unlawfully set up an Administrative court to pass judgment on the people of this country goes beyond the pale. The Magistrates and Judges are all sitting in treason, they have not sworn a lawful Oath of Office or a lawful Affirmation, they are not a Lawful Officer of the Crown. they are masquerading as a Lawful court when they know that the whole thing is a lie. What could be done is fill in a charge sheet on all the magistrates and judges charging them all with impersonating an Officer of the Crown [Misprision ].

    1. I am aware of this, but you have added more context to this problem. This will be included in paperwork being prepared. The problem is a little bigger than this, because the people consent to what is called the De Facto Doctrine. I gather its now time for you all to realise. We can stop consenting to this de facto at large. And make a challenge as per the Engineers Case 1920. The people are the commonwealth and it is within the power of the people to reverse all of this.

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