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So far we have uncovered some very serious problems when it comes to the lineage and definition of the Kingdom and Crown Estates, although we havent quite covered what cause the Royal Styles and Parliamentary Titles in the first place. We know that from 1900 to Imperial Conference 1926 that the Commonwealth of Australia was at law considered a colony of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

We can see that the foundations are in the Imperial Crown and Realm through several important and still relevant facts especially in documents that seek to defend that Realm from outside influences.

In the 1600’s The British Empire went through four Anglo-Dutch wars over shipping lanes throughout the european waters, something that you might see as relevant today after Brexit. William III of Orange (Netherlands) saw to taking England in the Glorious Revolution 1688 where in James II was pushed out to France where he was also considered king.

This is known today as the pushing of the last Catholic King out of England a outspoken Protestant Kingdom that had been in conflict with Roman Catholicism since long before Henry VIII had formed the Church of England removing the Papal Authority from England.

England had previously gone through defending itself against a Jesuit influence and had defined the Charter of Liberties and Liberties of the Forest which eventually became the Great Charter and Charter of the Forest in 1215. Henry II then kept the Magna Carta (Great Charter) and defined it as law at which the Charter of the Forest remains conjoined to it.

After the Roman Catholic and Jesuit force was removed from England in 1688 the new king in William III of Orange and his Queen Mary then defined the Declaration of Rights. This saw to the Parliament recognising that Declaration by Statutory Authority and defined the Bill of Right 1688. The Bill of Rights exist at law before any Statutory Recognition and is a Declaration of Right.

We have already covered the Coronation Oath 1688 which was defined during the same period to ensure that the Throne of England was kept Protestant and not able to be taken by a Roman Catholic at law.

“Whereas the Lords Spirituall and Temporall and Comons assembled at Westminster lawfully fully and freely representing all the Estates of the People of this Realme did upon the thirteenth day of February in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred eighty eight present unto their Majesties then called and known by the Names and Stile of William and Mary Prince and Princesse of Orange being present in their proper Persons a certaine Declaration in Writeing made by the said Lords and Comons in the Words following …”

a) The Parliament represents the Estates of the People of the Realm.

b) Declaration in Writing

We can see by the introduction to the Bill of Rights Act 1688 that the Parliament defines that it is representing the Estate of the People of the Realm. This is then followed by the Prince and Princess being present in their proper Persons at which a declaration in writing is made by the Lord and the Commons.

The person of William is the Title Prince William, and the title of Princess Mary. In essence these are Corporation Soles acting in a capacity proper to and under the Crown and Realm.

This declaration then defines several basic rights of the People of the Realm. Most people who have looked into the legal side of defence against the Police would have come across the Bill of Rights which as we will see is applicable law in all States of the Commonwealth of Australia.

We can see through the Oath of Supremacy that the Papist Faith is seen as the enemy of the State and removing the Last Catholic King from England had seen to a Coronation Oath and now Oath of Supremacy defining a promise to not accept the Papist Faith within the Realm.

We can see that the Pope had caused people to be deposed and murdered through his Jesuits. We can go into the history of the Templar, and how the Pope formed the Society of Jesus to chase and hunt the Templar down many of whom were hung and murdered. The Pope created by Papal Bull instructions for Jesuits to carry this out in Regimini militantis ecclesiae in the year 1540 after Henry VIII had excommunicated the Pope from England in the creation of the Church of England.

The Pope isnt in favour of England defining Declaration of Right. In August of 1215 papal bull was issued in Pro rege Johanne delcaring the Magna Carta null and void of all validity for ever. The Magna Carta is part of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution through its creation in the heritage of English Law. We start to see in these things that a long running war has been going on for over 1000 years between Papal interests and the Templar faith that became England.

Oath of Supremacy
I A B doe sweare That I doe from my Heart Abhorr, Detest and Abjure as Impious and Hereticall this damnable Doctrine and Position That Princes Excommunicated or Deprived by the Pope or any Authority of the See of Rome may be deposed or murdered by their Subjects or any other whatsoever. And I doe declare That noe Forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiasticall or Spirituall within this Realme Soe helpe me God.

a) Abolishment of Papal (Papist, Jesuit) Powers

b) William III of Orange removed the last Catholic King from England

c) Bill of Rights is a Declaration of Right

The Templar faith that forged a new church in the Church of England is recognised in the Act of Settlement defining the Laws and Statutes of England. Considered a birth right, as we have already discussed in previous facts, the Act of Settlement defines that through that birth right the monarchs are to administer the Government of the Realm according to the said laws and that those in office are obliged to serve those laws respectively.

The Laws and Statutes of the Realm confirmed.
“And whereas the Laws of England are the Birthright of the People thereof and all the Kings and Queens who shall ascend the Throne of this Realm ought to administer the Government of the same according to the said Laws and all their Officers and Ministers ought to serve them respectively according to the same …”

a) The Laws of England are the Birthright of the People

These laws and customs are applicable to the Commonwealth of Australia with the constitution being forged out of these precedents. We will see in later facts that the High Court Rules 1954 s.5(a) is very specific about a law of england being applicable to the Commonwealth of Australia. This is quite easy to see during the time that the Commonwealth of Australia was a colony of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland although post World War One there is change to the Commonwealth. We will discuss this as well as we go through more facts.

Every state in “Australia” currently has an Imperial Acts Application Act, and for Queensland this is dated of the year 1984. We can see that the Bill of Rights is recognised in its Statutory Capacity, as does the Act of Settlement. The Bill of Rights however has higher recognition as a Declaration much like the Magna Carta and was later recognised in a Statutory Capacity.

Schedule 1
Imperial enactments continued in force
9. (1688) 1 William & Mary Sess 2ch 2, Bill of Rights
11. (1700) 12 & 13 William 3 ch 2, Act of Settlement

a) Bill of Rights is valid to date in the State of Queensland.

b) Act of Settlement is valid to date in the State of Queensland

c) Imperial Acts are applied in Applications Acts rather than being self sustaining acts.

d) To apply an Imperial Act would imply Queensland is not imperial.

e) Declarations like the Bill of Rights are recognised in statutory capacity.

We can see through Fact Check Part 7 that we again back up the facts from previous posts in that we are discussing the Imperial Realm, its Estates, the Throne of that Realm and the Oaths that link a line of authority beginning with God through the Monarch and to the Allegiance of the People. We can also see that Ministers and Officers of the Realm are obligated to a duty and limitations by oath of office to their respective duties.

We can see how starting with the Coronation there are specific links that must be adhered to, and that there is a sacred and ceremonial display of this connection before the people of the realm. Although in the ignorance of the people, they are unable to define a problem with the realm because they are more concerned with the dollar than their duty.

I hope that these facts start to put into perspective the realm and its law and custom. Without really defining who we are as a people that have come out of serious wars of aggression, the continued hatred and racism will end up being the down fall of the people of this Commonwealth. The lack of respect for those that sacrificed life and limb and the constant whine in ignorance of the things done for everyone of all backgrounds to define the Commonwealth of Australia in international law will become the undoing of the people.

It is to know what was occupied, to be able to remove an occupier from it.

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4 thoughts on “Facts Part 7

  1. Outstanding Steven.
    If I didn’t know any better I’d say your getting better at this constantly.

    We appreciate everything bud.

    1. I can speak out until the cows come home. But the people need to come home too, and stop being cattle of a foreign realm and power. The facts that are being laid out have been discussed for years, but people on Facebook have tended to rip each other apart instead of address the facts on the table. Many of them deny God in total ignorance of what it means. With these posts, and without arguing with Facetards, it seems to be easier to get a message across.

      The other side of this coin is through actions by myself, court process has started, which in turn will allow for application to the Federal Court over Constitutional Matters which you will come to realise as we keep going. Refer to Facts 1 post for the questions posed that we must discover answers to as a people.

      The peoples support is necassary to carry this out. The time spent on drafting documents, posting these facts, entering court rooms, transport, photocopying, filing papers, and so on is immense costing thousands of dollars. This is why an online store was created, and requests for support made. Im already well out of pocket for all of this, and it is hoped that people realise this instead of playing tall poppy all the time.

      To everyone else. You can make donations, or buy shirts by clicking on the support link at the top of the web site. Everything contributed is going towards an eventual claim before the Federal Courts over Constitutional Matters that the Attorney General Christian Porter has refused point blank to respond to.

  2. We will chip in as much and as often as we can my friend. Sadly majority don’t have the sac to take on the fight of this magnitude. Through your efforts, your teams efforts, and shoulders of those that came before us, your the pioneers of the new era.

    As such, if we aren’t standing directly in the trenches, the least we can do is cough up some easily made RBA notes. .

    Thanks for waking us from the distractions

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