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In the previous Part 19 we discovered that the State of Victoria and the State of Queensland both display text that confirms and brings to question Papal Catholic Links within the Commonwealth of Australia which under the ANZAC was founded as a Protestant Anglican Commonwealth of Australia linked to the Anglican Church of Australia and the Holy See of Australia formed in 1838.

We can see from the Bill of Rights 1688 along with the Coronation Oaths Act 1688 that William and Mary of Orange on becoming Protestant Monarchs of Great Britain saw to the removal of the Papist King James II after the Commonwealth of England under the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell had seen to the Papist King Charles I beheaded before the Houses of Parliament.

With Charles I beheaded by the “King Killers”, Oliver Cromwell had acted as Protector of England reviving the Church through strict puritan ideals. Lasting only a few decades England would return to rule by a Papist King Charles II who would hand the throne to James II before losing it to the Protestant King William III.

We can see through the 1600’s that England whilst under Papal Influence went to war of the seas by fighting for shipping lanes around the European continent. Suffering five major battles of the high seas we call the Anglo-Dutch Wars and going through English Civil War, the conflicts all culminated in the Glorious Revolution 1688 wherein William III of Orange entered England from the south and laid protestant claim by removing the papal monarchy from the Crown of England.

The Commonwealth of Australia at its formation was under a Protestant Anglican Church, and at the time of Debates of Federation in 1898 the Pope had installed Papal Bull Apostolicae curae 1896 that had declared all Anglican ordination to be “absolutely null and utterly void”. The Archbishops of Canterbury and York both responded by publishing Saepius officio 1897 rebutting the Popes claims that Anglican Bishops were without proper rite or form. The Pope was questioning the very foundation and practice of the Anglican Faith.

We know through Quick and Garren as well as white papers written by judicial professionals that the Commonwealth of Australia at its very formation under the blessing of Almighty God was founded in the Anglican Christian and Protestant Faith linked to the Authorized King James Bible 1611 and linked to the very foundation founded in the Kings Domain.


But what we have come to learn and realise is that there is much more to the foundations of country and men than crawling through the law to define what should be redefined. When we start to put together the facts we discover that there is more to the Commonwealth of Australia than at first the surface affords one to see. We have discovered foundations in Facts 25 and 26, that are backed up by other facts we have laid out.

In this discovery we have seen how the Scripture forms a rule set to layout all these foundations and in recent posts demonstrate how jurisdiction under the College of Arms forms a part of the Crown System as well. This all forms the presence of family, and the unity of those families on International Waters so as to establish Holy Ground and stand in those waters as a people before God.

We know from the very foundations of the Commonwealth of Australia that it was created under the blessing of Almighty God, and that in the image of our fathers was a Protestant and Anglican based God due to their forefathers being found under an Authorized King James Bible 1611 and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

With the Imperial Acts Application Acts of the States of Australia making the Bill of Rights 1688 and Act of Settlement 1700 valid within all States of Australia, we can see that the protestant has a declared right to bare arms and defend the realm as Protestant Anglican’s, we can also see through the Bill of Rights 1688 that the monarchy has limitations and that the Papist Faith by Oath of Supremacy is extirpated and cut off from the Crown in full.

With all these facts coming together, we can then start to question things that are relevant to these facts and pose that they might be incorrect, or out of place and by relevance to the facts should therefore be questioned probing for answers.


a) Queen Elizabeth II did align the Realm with Catholic King Charles I a Papist Monarchy
b) Royal Warrant 10th March 1952 did through Common Book of Prayer revoke Protestant Prayer and Service replacing it with Catholic Prayer and Service
c) This convocation did undo Henry VIII Church of England and remove the Scripture of King James I and IV.
d) This convocation included Article for the Avoiding of Diversities of opinions, and for the establishing of consent touching true religion.
e) Foreign Faith and Lineage to Protestant Anglican Commonwealth of Australia

We can see by Royal Warrant that before the Coronation process of Queen Elizabeth II that the Common Book of Prayer links the Biblical Texts that are put before the realm. The Royal Warrant revokes the Prayer and Service of the Church of England and replaces it with alternative Prayer and Service now linked to the foundations of Charles I instead of the Scripture introduced as the Holy and Royal Law by James I in the Authorised King James Bible 1611 linked to the foundations of the Commonwealth of Australia under Queen Victoria.

Charles I was beheaded by the people before the House of Parliament of the People. The 1600’s in England was a turbulent century when it came to power and politics with the attempted bombing of the parliament by Guy Fawkes, Oliver Cromwell’s Protectorate removing the Crown, the Fires of London, and the removal of the Papist Monarchy after continual acts of aggression across Europe in the Glorious Revolutions removal of James II.

We can see however that the ideals in the foundations of Charles I are defined in the headline text as being the Avoiding of Diversities of opinion and the establishing of consent touching the true religion. It can only take a few times reading that expression of interest to realise that a mission of avoiding alternative opinions relative to religion requires consent which is being established in the obvious ignorance of the people knowing what is being claimed.

In 1896 the Papal Clergy had deemed Anglican Protestant Service to be “Heracy” and null and void. This had caused the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to write publicly in response rebutting the Popes claims of invalidity yet here we are in 1952 both the provinces of Canterbury and York applying the biblical text of Catholic and Papal Monarch Charles I to the Prayer and Service of the Church of England under Royal Warrant of the Crown.

The question here is, why is Queen Victoria under the blessing of the Royal Law as expressed in the Authorized King James Bible 1611, and why do we have a change in the Royal Law being the Scripture given the history and declarations of right that have occurred within history and at law.


Royal Australian Mint produced coin displaying two Coronations and two Anniversary years demonstrating the Crown of St Edwards to be holy and separate from the Imperial Crown of Victoria.

Royal Australian Mint produced coin displaying Pope John Paul II stating in “totus tuus” in the English meaning “All yours” demonstrating Papist links to the St Edwards Crown.

a) Queen Elizabeth the Second is Queen of the St Edwards Realm
b) Queen Victoria her heirs and successors are separate and holy from the St Edwards Crown Realm being of the Imperial Crown Realm.
c) St Edwards Crown Realm is 60+ Years defined
d) Imperial Crown Realm is 175+ years defined.
e) The “Imperial Tudor Crown”, “Imperial Crown” and “St Edwards Crown” are not one and the same.
f) The Imperial Crown and Realm is not the St Edwards Crown and Realm
g) Queen Elizabeth Face on Obverse of both Coins defining Realms.
h) Queen Elizabeth the Second is displaying Papist links.

Given the history between the Papist and Protestant Faiths over the centuries, we can see that by law at least the Papist and Catholic Monarchy has no right of Claim over the foundations of Great Britain and by proxy the Commonwealth of Australia in 2020. With a plethora of Acts prohibiting the Crown to a Papist Monarch, the Commonwealth of Australia was founded at a time when the Papist Faith defined the Anglican Faith of Australia to be “Heresy” and null and void when Australians instead went to Debates of Federation and established their unity in an Anglican Protestant federal body of Christ under the blessing of Almighty God and subsequently defended that right in the Great War 1914-1918.

We see here a coin set displaying the anniversary of two separate heraldic devices. Showing the 60th year since coronation the coin defines the St Edwards Crown by realm with the second coin displaying the Imperial Crown re-established under Queen Victoria in its 175th year. The second image displays the Pope with the motto “All Yours” in the Latin totus tuus.

All coins show the image of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and were available from the Perth Mint. This raises question as to the distinct and separate heraldic devices displayed showing coronation years of two defined realms at International Law. And also begs the question of the Papal Links and changes to the Commonwealth of Australia post demise of the currency in 1965.



Disarming Protestants, &c.
By causing severall good Subjects being Protestants to be disarmed at the same time when Papists were both Armed and Imployed contrary to Law.

Subjects’ Arms.
That the Subjects which are Protestants may have Arms for their Defence suitable to their Conditions and as allowed by Law.

I A B doe sweare That I doe from my Heart Abhorr, Detest and Abjure as Impious and Hereticall this damnable Doctrine and Position That Princes Excommunicated or Deprived by the Pope or any Authority of the See of Rome may be deposed or murdered by their Subjects or any other whatsoever. And I doe declare That noe Forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiasticall or Spirituall within this Realme Soe helpe me God.

Acceptance of the Crown. The Two Houses to sit. Subjects’ Liberties to be allowed, and Ministers hereafter to serve according to the same. William and Mary declared King and Queen. Limitation of the Crown. Papists debarred the Crown. Every King, &c. shall make the Declaration of 30 Car. II. If under 12 Years old, to be done after Attainment thereof. King’s and Queen’s Assent

a) Papists are defined as separate and holy to Protestants of the Imperial Crown.
b) John Howard did disarm good subjects of the Imperial Crown being Protestants at the same time when Papists were both armed and Employed Contrary to Law.
c) Many Papist Jesuits have taken Oath of Allegiance and Oath of Office to Queen Elizabeth the Second including Tony Abbott who gave out Jesuit Knighthoods.

We can see by the Bill of Rights 1688 that the Protestant has a right to bare arms subject to their conditions, and from what we have learnt in the last few facts pages is that baring arms means a little bit more than the right of self defence or even declaration of attack.

What we can note from the Bill of Rights is that this right of arms is defined relative to Protestants and in direct relation to Papists actively denying or revoking that right.

John Howard sought to take the peoples guns away from them while arming Policy Enforcers around the country with bear cat vehicles and military hardware and weaponry while providing them with policy under anti terrorism legislation.

It is very clear that under the Bill of Rights 1688 that this Government has caused good subjects being Protestants to be disarmed at the same time when Papists were both Armed and Imployed contrary to law being a foreign prince or prelate having any power within this realm.

Out of all of this at law we ask the questions relative to what is presented before us in the facts. It is clear that the Protestant Faith defined the Realm in question being the Commonwealth of Australia that we know to be extended Sovereignty in the Peace Declaration of the Treaties of Versailles in 1919. What can then be said for the Papist Faith that we are warned about time and time again, not only through history itself, but through the Declarations of Rights such as the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights.

Do the Papists have an influence within the Commonwealth of Australia that overrides the Protestant Christian body of people under the blessing of Almighty God as per the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act July 1900 UK/PGA? If so, where does that influence start, and how much influence does it have?

We have already seen how the Archbishops of Canterbury and York along with the whole clergy have born witness to the Royal Warrant changing Prayer and Service within the Church of England to the Scripture of Charles I declaring the avoidance of diversity and opinion in the establishing of consent in the “true” religion.

We can learn from Facts 25 and 26, that the “truth” about religion is separate and Holy by way of establishing Holy Ground that a people forge by anchoring to holy ground their earth within International Waters. It is then the loyalty to this Realm that is forged, that stands up out of the waters providing a garden in which the sons of their forefathers can be in the image of those that created by way of defending their creation.

We cannot take from face value the small amount of information presented in this singular post. As we stated in Fact Part 1, we must look at this with what is presented in whole and summarise and hypotheses and pose questions relative to the facts already laid down on the proverbial table.

So the question should therefore be asked. Is there a Papal Influence within the Crown in whole that is by law debarred the Crown meaning that it has no rightful place or lawful authority to sit the Imperial Crown in part or in whole. And where does that influence begin to affect the Crown and its encompassed territories.

We have seen how Malcolm Fraser eluded to the Commonwealth of Australia loss of Sovereignty to the United States, but we also see how the lowering of the Admiralty Ensign in 1967 and the subsequent closing of the Prime Ministers Department and all Divisions of Public Service in 1971 have changed the way the Commonwealth of Australia is governed from its Executive by giving extra powers to the Federal Executive Council. We can therefore see a physical change in the powers of the Government of the Commonwealth into the Australian Government and in that change, changes to the structures of Government defined in legislative effect, but also in presentation of the Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Australia.

We can see a direct impact in changes of the Commonwealth of Australia into Australia, and the way society has changed since the 80’s through to today is also an indicator of the progression of change that has occurred since the demise of currency in 1965. We cannot however ignore the changes to the Shrine of Remembrance in the Kings Domain in 1954 after its creation in 1927 after Imperial Conferences in 1926. And we also cannot ignore the Hague Conventions 1907 or Treaties of Versailles in the joining of the League of Nations in 1919.

It is in going through the facts that we piece together the answers instead of making assumptions based on hearsay. We posed questions at the beginning of this series that we will address after we put forward all the facts surrounding the questions. You may comment at any time as we progress through what is being presented, to add, or rebut what is being discussed. The aim here is not to guess but instead with the facts build up an evidence to determine what is fact or not as well as give definitive answers to our posed questions put forward in Facts Part 1.

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