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We are starting to see that through imagery and the language of heraldry that history can speak much louder through symbolism that one first perceives. Heraldry is an ancient language that is used by all countries around the world today to reflect their authority, status, grounding and lineage.

We have already established that the Commonwealth of Australia, nor Australia as we define it, has an established College of Arms in which to manage lineage and pedigree of subjects of the Australian Imperial (Tudor) Crown. Through established fact we have demonstrated that the College of Arms in London is still to date responsible for the modification, and issuance of Coats of Arms within Australia regardless of its status as a Commonwealth of Australia.

This puts “Australia” and the Commonwealth of Australia at a quandary in the issuance of Arms to new bodies which usually reflect corporate logo in todays environment as well as the modification of Arms to reflect changes which usually see Arms ignored and forgotten instead.

We have already demonstrated by Coronation Train of George VI 1936 that the Coat of Arms of Australia displaying motto Advance Australia in use before federation is linked to the Crown and Coronation of the Monarch of the Commonwealth of Australia post Imperial Conference 1926. With Statute of Westminster 1931 UK a recent event in the actions of the Crown and Monarchy in the dividing of the Empire post Imperial Conference 1926 the use of Arms on the Coronation Train displayed at Penrith Station in 1936 would define the entity at which the Monarch has claimed to be Supreme Head of through process of coronation.


a) 1st Parliament of Edward VII as noted on Pendant
b) Australian Coat of Arms used by the current Australian Cricket Team is the defined Coat of Arms of Australia with Supporters on opposite sides.

What we can further demonstrate here is that in during the opening of the first Parliament of the Commonwealth the issuance of coins, badges and broaches demonstrate again the visual link to a Coat of Arms of Australia with Emu Supporter on the left of the viewers perspective.

The “First Parliament of Edward VII” being the first parliament of this newly federated body politic of the people of the Commonwealth of Australia also demonstrates its Lineage via the same Coat of Arms in use on the Coronation Train of George VI in 1936. With the Parliament of the Commonwealth linked by Letters Patent 1900 to the Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Australia we can see that a link to the entity at which this Arms is displayed for that use of Great Seal continued in a semblance of a line of authority from Edward VII through George V, George VI and Elizabeth II until 1973.

We have already demonstrated the change in Coat of Arms on the coinage in 1966 and the demise of the currency in Currency Act 1965, what we can see now is that the Coat of Arms of Australia true to the Coronation of a lineage of Monarchs from Queen Victoria is no longer presented as the countries Coat of Arms as defined by the people by way of biblical land claims before the International Community.

We can see how the Coat of Arms of Australia has its supporters reversed as if you were viewing from the other side of the chess board no longer behind your men, yet it is still in existence and being used by men of the realm that it represents on a world stage amongst other countries that recognise that claim.

In the most recent Facts Parts 20 through 23 we have started to establish what was defined through Imperial Conference 1926 and how the Commonwealth of Australia became defined a Sovereign Crown Entity in International Law through treaties post the Great War 1914-1918 wherein the Commonwealth of Australia came to peace during Treaties of Versailles 1919 and through the joining of the League of Nations in 1919 defined itself as an independent body that had severed the ties to the former head of that body.

We can demonstrate now through the Actions of ANZAC and Australian Imperial Forces (AIF) that the Heraldry in use throughout the foundation of the Commonwealth of Australia through the Coronation Train of George VI that the defence of certain Heraldic Devices continued after the abdication by Edward VIII.


One of the most argued point of fact amongst Facetards is the Federal Red Ensign. Before we address the images presented, let us point out that the National Flag was a design adopted from the Federal Ensign. We can see by this image that by September 1901 the National Flag was being used by the Parliament of the Commonwealth and it was taken from the design that was the Federal Red Ensign.

We can see by the articles of war that were used by Harold “Breaker” Morant in 1902 that the Federal Red Ensign was being used by Australian Imperial Land Forces with Lighthorseman in particular carrying the Federal Red Ensign into battle on horseback.

In 1907 the Commonwealth of Australia became signatory to the Hague Conventions, this saw a foreign power in the United States entering the waters of the Commonwealth of Australia and the port at Sydney in front of Admiralty House.

International Agreements were observed and agreements between the two powers established with commemorative post cards shown below that acknowledge these agreements between two entities displaying their heraldry and acknowledge authority by that imagery.

On the first image we see the Federal Red Ensign used by AIF and ANZAC above the Coat of Arms of Australia with the United States Flag and Lady Liberty countering the Australian Heraldry. The centred photo is the Garden of Victoria in Ballarat demonstrating the allegorical garden of Eden or land claim that was founded under Queen Victoria. It should be noted that the supporters on the Coat of Arms have now swapped sides and are displayed as they are on the Australian Cricket Team’s Baggy Green.

We see Lady Australia draped in the Federal Red Ensign establishing her standing on Holy Ground with Emu and Kangaroo as supporters with Lion of the Admiralty Fleet and Eagle of the US Marines in front.

These cards demonstrate International Agreements wherein Article 1 of the Instructions for the Government of Armies of the United States in the Field (1863) states that a place, district, or country occupied by an enemy stands, in consequence of the occupation, under the Martial Law of the invading or occupying army, whether any proclamation declaring Martial Law, or any public warning to the inhabitants, has been issued or not. Martial Law is the immediate and direct effect and consequence of occupation or conquest. The presence of a hostile army proclaims its Martial Law.

The United States did in 1907 enter the territorial waters of the Commonwealth of Australia as agreed upon in International Treaties at Versailles in 1919. According to US Military Field Manual FM 27-10 the Articles defined by the former Instructions for the US Armies in the field are still in effect in the current day 2021.


If we add this to comments by former Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Fraser that Australia had given up its Sovereignty over matters of war and peace to the United States we can deduce that entering the territorial waters of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1907 set the stage for the Laws of Land Warfare which are then defined in Hague IV War On Land 1907 ratified into the Commonwealth of Australia on 26th January 1910.


Land Warfare would lead to a difference to that of War of the Seas also known as the War of Mare. When we take into consideration the Facts leading to Holy Ground and an established Land Claim in Peace Treaties at Versailles in 1919, the establishment of the Shrine of Remembrance which followed linking the blessing of Almighty God stands as evidence of fact.

Not many people however, know that the Holy See of Australia was proclaimed by the Archbishop of Cantebury over sixty years before the federation by the people into a Commonwealth of Australia, and eighty years before defining borders before an International Community at the Treaties of Versailles in 1919.


Every Bishop of Australia was to take an oath promising ‘all due obedience’ to the Archbishop of Canterbury and his successors.  The Letters Patent which constituted the See of Australia in 1836 provided:
The Bishop of the said see of Australia and his successors shall be subject to the … Archbishop of Canterbury… in the same manner as any bishop of any see within the province of Canterbury, in Our Kingdom of England, is under the authority of the archiepiscopal see of the province of Canterbury and the archbishop thereof.

As time went on, the Archbishop of Canterbury relinquished metro-political jurisdiction over most (though not all) of the overseas dioceses.  By the time of the first Lambeth Conference in 1867, there were Metropolitans of Australia (Sydney, 1847), South Africa (Capetown, 1853), New Zealand (1858) and Canada (Montreal, 1860)

What we can define from this is that the terra-australis by land was under biblical land claims by God defended or occupied in land warfare and as early as 1838 are being defined territories of the realm defined by the Stone of Scone.

We can see that congregations, as subjects of the Crown under Queen Victoria did settle in biblical colonies creating metro-political jurisdiction within a defined Holy See. We can also see here that the people of the cities have acted in the unity and citizenship of the city as subjects by faith linked to biblical foundations by city.

Biblically we can see through the memorials in the Kings Domain that the heavens were watched starting from 1870 and the establishment of Holy Ground defined through God and Christ in Debates of Federation in 1898. The Constitution as a body politic of people followed, linking the foundations under the blessing of Almighty God to the Government which appears on the Shoulder of Christ. All of this can be demonstrated be merely observing the Oath of Allegiance at the Schedule to the Constitution at Clause 9 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act July 1900 UK/PGA.

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  1. Before you go Facetarding over a Flag, you can see that we are 24 facts posts in to this expanse on what we should know as a foundation. The Flag featured as Fact 94 of over 160 facts. So it might be time to start considering that instead of being side tracked by all the Facetarding, you can sum up the facts overall instead of whining about one specific point. That is not to say that you shouldnt correct a fact if you have a valid opposing viewpoint that could change the foundation of a particular fact with a specifically defined and publicly available challenge.

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