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Although Farcebook is continually silencing those that speak up against a narrative that is known to be a lie. We again venture into using the platform to manage interaction with the people.


Flame Ops blocked in 24 Hours

It took less than 24 hours for Facebook to remove what was an empty Facebook page with only three posts on it. This should demonstrate to you that its so much more than your posts not being liked. This is a system that is designed to manipulate your thought processes.

The Social Dilemma

If you are completely unaware of what Socialist Media is and how it operates, it is suggested that you watch a recent Netflix Documentary on this subject called “The Social Dilemma”.


This documentary goes into detail about how Artificial Intelligence not only manipulates your world view through what these Socialist Media Platforms present to your daily profiles, it also demonstrates how that AI treats you as a node of their network.

These Socialist Platforms are manipulating the world view based on the idiocracy of their users. In doing this, they have become more powerful than governments around the world by maintaining massive databases of user data.

They admit themselves that they are not interested in the data itself, and are more interested in the Engineering that they can achieve with that data such as prediction analytics.

We have already seen Facebook give large amounts of data to third party companies like Cambridge Analytica and the CIA, and recently seen how Artificial Intelligence and Facebooks Advertising Platforms were used by foreign nationals to interfere in election processes.

The stark warning from us to you is that you cannot trust these Socialist Media platforms and should not post images of your family and freinds or their daily habits. You are giving a massive Artificial Intelligence system the ability to predict and help frame pre crimes and knowledge about you and your community.

This data is then used by multinational companies and governments to manipulate the narrative, helping them to manipulate the narrative based on Artificially obtained Intelligence.

Facebook has become the web site of choice for the aged and retired with an exodus of the youth to other platforms such as TikTok. Is it any wonder that Governments around the world are looking at manipulating these social media programs when all of you dont fit within the square they want you to be in.

The Australian Governments moves on YouTube are very demonstrative of their loss of the narrative and their need to manipulate private industry to regain control of that narrative.

So we use Farcebook with a grain of salt. Thrown over the shoulder to ward off evil spirits. Knowing that Artificial Intelligence is trying to sell us something, while giving AI information about ourselves.

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