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We will slowly add videos back online after having many of them taken offline by the Socialist Media Sites like Facebook. If need be will will link to a variety of sites and link them below.

We appreciate your patience as we have to deal with this issue.

Socialist Media has no recourse for complaint, making decisions based on an agenda rather than allowing independant media to take control of their own means.

Instead of being solely liable for what one produces, Socialist Media has taken on the role of Nanny to Governments instead of being free enterprise. As a consequence they silence those that speak out against that Government narrative.

In time we will try and provide media direct from this web site, or other wise use a variety of media web sites that would support freedom of speech.

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Although we keep getting videos removed from facebook. We will post the old videos to this Channel, with important videos being copied out to other sites.


Click over to the Support Page and help us to increase our hosting ability so that we can publish the videos direct onto the blog providing JSPlayer to watch the videos direct in your browser.

Socialist Media being what it is do not like content that shapes thinking outside of the narrative. And the only way around that is to increase the bandwidth and the space on the hosting server.

And that can only be done with your support.

If you have copied videos out to alternative platforms because you wanted to watch them, yet they had been removed from Socialist Media, dont hesitate to link people to those videos in comments.

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