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Page Sizing

So far we have stepped through a Page Object and tied that object to some event handlers that are triggered when the page is forced to reload. Through this defining the onresize event handled the changing of size of the browser window, and the onorientationchange event handled the same triggers for our Page resizing when […]

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Page Elements

In the last lesson we looked at triggering the onload of our Page Object with the use of some Core Functions and some settings within our Config Object. Many of you will be able to expand from this and go your own way, but there is a little more to the puzzle than just laying […]

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Page Object

So far we have investigated a Page HTML Head leaving the documents body empty. In this we loaded some Javascript in the script headers. The mere loading of these into the open document triggers the associated scripts to attach their eventHandlers to the initial onload and onresize events. From this starting point we are able […]

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Page OnLoad

Last time we investigate the Page onResize Event. This is a “window” event that is triggered when a user resized the browser window for any reason. We used this event to trigger a redraw of elements that exist with the Page environment we are creating. When a user enters your web site, the page needs […]

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Page Resize

We venture into the fully javascript coded front end wherein we will use Ajax to make calls to the API that will return data stored in a database. When we look at the DOM and the parent child relationship that branches up to the “document” within the “window” of the browser, we see that a […]

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We will start over here in the lessons section with regards to discussing all things development. As we change tack towards discussing how social media works and how developing database driven social media sites are created, we will start to discuss some more in depth topics. First up. THE DOM. What is it. Document Object […]

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